What is the Best Unified Communications Tool for Manufacturing Plants?

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When considering UC tools for your manufacturing plant, tools which make your business faster, and more effective is what you are searching for.

Communication is a key component in manufacturing plants, and harnessing the power of Unified Communications tools is the best way to achieve seamless communication.

Unified communications are about bringing together different technologies to run in sync across multiple communication channels, from businesses to suppliers and industry partners - and making all manufacturing business operations run smoothly and effectively.

UC tools that are easily accessible from any location, at any time, gives that manufacturing plant the edge over competitors, enabling:

  • Faster business decisions

  • Faster cycle times

  • More effective machine maintenance 

  • Enhanced supply chain collaborations

How does Unified Communications help Manufacturing Plants?

Connect your staff – With Unified Communications, your staff members can communicate quickly and through any device, regardless of their location. They could be in factory, in the office or even working remotely. Instant Messaging allows you to set up a chat between two staff members or multiple. A conversation can be carried out regarding deadlines, project scopes, etc without having to physically meet. It helps to speed up any decisions.

Crisis Management – Manufacturing Plants operate a lot of equipment which can be dangerous. Manufacturing Plants that can notify the right personnel of an emergency with a push of a button are more prepared and are safer. When a crisis occurs, lives can be saved with more efficient communications.

Environmental impact – It has been found that on average 46% of companies that have utilised Unified Communications, realise travel savings of more than 5 days per employee annually. With the public increasingly concerned about being “green,” the implication of UC can considerably cut travel time and therefore the carbon footprint of the corporation. This also means more time spent getting the job done, rather than spent on unnecessary travel.

Examples of UC Tools at Work in Manufacturing Plants

UC tools such as video conferencing speed up the entire manufacturing process, and gives businesses the ability to make quick changes to products, using real-time collaboration to communicate between the design teams, and the factory teams.

Video UC tools can be utilised to maximum effect on the manufacturing floor; no requirements for shutting down the entire production lines anymore - experts can be communicated to via video to diagnose machinery issues in real-time. This method also has huge compliance benefits too, thanks to video recording tools.

With the introduction of Cloud Unified Communications, you will experience greater levels of data privacy – a more exclusive company interface and a much more secure connection.

Which is the best UC tool for your manufacturing plant?

We recommend three different tools, Horizon Collaborate, MiCollab and Wildix Collboration, and the best fit will vary, depending on your business existing phone systems. The best solution is to demo all three with us. We can take you through how each one can benefit you and advise you on the costing structure. Depending on the number of users would depend on what option you’d most likely be suited to.

The BTT Comms team will steer your manufacturing business in the right direction of the best UC tools for your company.

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