Business Mobiles

Business Mobiles are fast becoming more in demand than a traditional phone system. The ability to be “mobile” and service your clients has never been more important. Add in the increase of remote workers making up the vast majority of the workforce, a business mobile is becoming the must-have tool.

You need a business mobile to give you:

Strong internet connection - Solid network coverage - Flexible data plans - Ability to integrate with your existing phone system

We have multiple suppliers to obtain business mobiles but two of them have created a network just for business users which means their network is never clogged up by general consumer traffic. Additionally, there is no reliance on other networks to make changes to your devices

Our mobiles are designed specifically for businesses;

  • 4G as standard / 5G is in the testing stage
  • Wi-Fi Calling 
  • Data Pooling
  • Business Traveller
  • Connect with your business phone system
  • Enhanced Voicemail options - extended message storage, flexible greeting options customised to individual numbers and tailored greetings based on business hours
  • No consumer traffic clogging up the core network.

Business Mobiles need to be flexible to fit your business’s needs, so there isn’t one size, fits all, so please do get in touch to discuss your requirements!


What Mobile tariffs are available?

We can offer a range of tariffs including; single user unlimited plans and data only plans. Additionally, we can provide a selection of bolt-ons including; text, business mobile data and international roaming. Alternatively, we can work with you to find a bespoke package that suits your needs.

Do you offer WiFi calling?

Where you don’t have a network single, our mobiles are set up so you can utilise a Wi-Fi signal to place a call as long as you are in the UK.

What if we use a lot of Data?

We have a range of large data packages available and we will work with you to place data caps which is defined by what each user needs and what, as a company, you are willing to overspend by.You can also have Data Pooling Enabler bolt-on which allows a user in a company to share mobile data from other colleagues who may not utilise all of their data allowance in a given month. E.g. Joe Bloggs has utilised his 2GB allowance but Jane has only used 500MB so Joe can utilise Jane’s data allowance without the company incurring additional costs.

Can we keep our Existing Mobile Numbers?

Yes, we can easily port your existing number over, likewise, if you need a change, we can provide a new number, too.

What if we Travel Overseas?

We have some tailor-made Business Traveller bolt-ons so you never experience the shock of unexpected data charges; we can even bolt them on to suit your own schedule.

Should we even supply Company Mobiles to Staff?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is; should we give our staff mobiles? We always respond with; why do you think they need one?There are a lot of pros and cons to giving staff work mobiles and also some things to consider if you do.In light of that, we have created a specific blog; Company Mobiles for staff – yay or nay?