The Best Unified Communications Tools for Recruitment

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In order to run a successful recruitment business, staying ahead of the saturated market is crucial.

One of the ways to do this is by harnessing the power of Unified Communications tools.

UC tools collaborate mobility, voice, conference, messaging, and video. Which is a key factor when considering that the recruitment industry is very agile, with flexible working prevalent, and therefore a strong need to integrate staff together using quality communications technology.

Unified communications are about bringing together different technologies to run in sync across multiple communication channels, making all business operations run smoothly and effectively, perfect for recruitment teams but for whole businesses, too.

UC tools enable your entire team to be more productive when working, and allows complete accessibility from any device, anywhere.

Benefits of Unified Communications Tools

  • Mobility: Remote workers stay connected with colleagues, suppliers and customers at all times.

  • Privacy: Cloud Unified Communications will give you greater levels of data privacy; a more exclusive company interface and a much more secure connection.

  • Environmental Impact: With a public concern about being “green,” the introduction of Unified Communications, it can considerably cut travel time and therefore your carbon footprint. This also means more time spent getting the job done, rather than spent on unnecessary travel.

  • Efficiency: Gives your staff the tools to pick up messages, respond and work on the go. Improving efficiency and boosting the bottom line. 

  • Flexibility: Enables staff to pick up messages through different mediums helping them to become more efficient and effective at their jobs.

As a staffing professional tasked with attracting the best talent, implementing a unified communications solution presents potential employees with the most modern workforce practices, demonstrating a business's investment in its employees. From flexible working to acquiring global talent, cloud-based unified communications ensure recruitment agencies remain competitive in a swiftly evolving workforce.

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We have a selection of resources available (for free) on Unified Communications and Collaboration.

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Flexible Working Experiences

Research into workplaces has shown that approximately half of the employees surveyed would move to another company for greater flexibility, highlighting just how important it is for companies to consider flexible work options.

UC tools enable employees to connect seamlessly with their teams whether they are in between school drop-offs, in the office or across the other side of the world. Recruitment agencies can leverage this flexibility with prospective employees, and prove that the modern workforce is no longer a 9 to 5 office space, but rather a larger mission that drives a company’s values, without being tethered to locations or times.

Streamlined recruitment processes

In order to attract and evaluate potential candidates, UC tools such as video-conferencing are implemented with fantastic effect. Not only it is more personal than a telephone call, a video interview can also help the business and the potential candidate save on travel expenses and time.

This is particularly true for large enterprises where recruiting is needed for offices all around the globe. Staff in recruitment agencies now have the tools to meet the needs of a globally distributed, multi-generational workforce. With UC tools, staffing professionals can better source qualified, passionate and productive employees, ultimately building a stronger culture and innovative workforce.

Which is the best UC tool for your recruitment business?

We recommend three different tools, Horizon Collaborate, MiCollab and Wildix Collboration. Like most collaboration tools, they depend on what phone system you have in place. Our UC experts will be happy to guide your recruitment agency to the best fit UC tools available.

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