Benefits of Private WAN

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A private wide area network (WAN) will provide your multi-sited business with secure, reliable communication and data sharing.

Your data is transmitted between two or more locations using the trusted multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technique to optimise the route it takes. Your private internet traffic is prioritised for efficiency and reliability, and the public network is avoided, so your security is improved.

​Types of WAN

A WAN can support all the activities that you will need to keep your business running smoothly, including all your internal communications, IT systems and your intranet.

There are two types of WAN; peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

  • P2P networks are usually used to link just 2x sites together. This can be useful for businesses with multiple local branches. You don’t have to share bandwidth with other companies, so everything will be faster compared to ordinary broadband connections. You will have a stable work environment that doesn’t rely on a single server and you will make good use of your IT resources.
  • VPNs are useful if your business has multiple sites that need to share the same business systems, peripheral equipment and sensitive data around the country, or even in other countries. Your connections will be encrypted so only people and locations that are invited to connect to your private network can have access.

​Who Benefits from a Private WAN?

A private WAN is a good solution if your business needs to synchronise data across sites without delay. You can centralise and simplify administration of your IT infrastructure, as well as data and telecommunications requirements, reducing your need for in-house IT and networking skills.

If your business has an internet protocol (IP) phone system, integration with your private WAN will provide bandwidth for high quality voice calls without affecting your general data usage. You won’t be charged for site-to-site calls and external calls will be competitively priced.

A private WAN will also provide a stable environment for collaborative applications where multiple team members create and share information, such as Microsoft Office 365 tools like PowerPoint, Teams, Word and Excel. It will also provide a stable environment for videoconferencing.

It’s a scalable solution, so your WAN can be changed across your sites as your business grows. This makes it a cost-efficient option and you won’t have to invest in resources that you don’t yet need.

​Does your Business need a Private WAN?

If you regularly need to transfer data between your sites your business will benefit from a private WAN. The speed of data exchange and synchronisation will be improved. Your data doesn’t compete with other internet users for bandwidth so you will always have access to the bandwidth you need.

You can be confident that all the tools you need to run your business will be available when you need them, including video conferencing and business-critical applications such as accounting software and purchasing systems. More importantly, at peak times your business-critical applications will always be prioritised, so risks to your business are minimised.

It’s a flexible and reliable solution that will support your growth plans and, with increased remote working, you can be confident that your employees can work securely on a reliable and resilient network.

Cybercrime is a significant risk for all businesses, so a next-generation firewall will protect your network and all of its users, whether they are based on-site or are working remotely. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones will all be protected making all aspects of your business more secure.

​Reliable communications

We have seen new patterns of flexible working in 2020 and many people will continue to work in different ways in the future. Mobile devices are being used more frequently in business and professional settings, allowing your employees to be productive, wherever they are.

With a unified communications and collaboration (UCC) approach everyone in your business can communicate using different channels from one seamless application. It can include voice, video, messaging, document sharing and calendars. This will allow you to improve the efficiency, profitability and productivity of your business.

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​Reliability and Reassurance

Your private WAN will be continuously monitored so you can be confident that all of your teams will have the resources they need. If any potential issues or ‘hot spots’ are identified, you will be alerted so you know you will always have a reliable service.

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