What is Unified Communications and How Can It Help My Business?

So, what is it?

Unified Communications is having all systems integrated in one interface.

These systems range from video calls, voice calls, emails, documents, directories and data, all located under one system.

How can it help my business?

* Calendars can be accessed whilst on the call, and can redirect the call to someone who is available.

* Calendars changes are automatically synced up. Each staff member can access the calendar's to check each other's availability. 

* In a meeting? Calls can be diverted so the phone call isn't missed. Without this, there could be a loss in business.

So how can it help your business?

Flexibility - gives staff access wherever they are.

Mobility - employees always able to connect with co-workers.

Privacy - you will experience greater levels of data privacy.

Environmentally friendly - 46% of companies that have utilised Unified Communications have travel savings of more than 5 days per employee anually.

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