Wildix Collaboration: Unified Communications Tool

Wildix Collaboration web interface offers a customizable view of colleagues, grouped by work teams, and real-time presence information of users.

You can participate in a conference, make a call (video or audio), start sharing your desktop, send faxes and virtual reminders with just one click.

Key Features of Wildix Unified Communications

You’ll be able to communicate with one or more colleagues from the same web interface and benefits from the following:

  • Audio and video call
  • Chat
  • Presence and Geolocation
  • Conferencing
  • Memo messages
  • Fax and SMS to one or more users
  • Access to corporate phonebooks
  • Screen sharing and file transfer
  • Audio calls, video calls or conferences with external users
  • Integration with existing systems like CRMs
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Stressline is a large manufacturing business that decided to implement some key solutions during COVID-19, one of which was Unified Communications to aid remote workers, then and going forward.

Initially, Teams was implemented until the phone system portion of the project was coimpleted and Wildix Collaboration was rolled out.

Discover how UC helped Stressline.

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Key Benefits of Wildix Unified Communications

  • Each user can access the Wildix Collaboration tool from any location (office, home, on the move, any place with Internet connection), using any device (PC, laptop, tablet), regardless of the OS and without having to install any components.
  • Wildix Collaboration allows communicating presence information and geolocation, so that each user can monitor in real time who is online, absent, busy in another conversation or does not want to be disturbed.
  • You can experience real-time communication with internal and external users: audio and video calls, conferencing, desktop sharing, corporate chat.
  • Wildix is an entirely web-based and intuitive collaboration interface available in the browser, no end-user training necessary.
  • You’ll have real-time call activity monitoring tools and SLA metrics.

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