Industrial CCTV System Checklist

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Industrial sites tend to be large in nature and as such need a lot of planning when installing security systems.

We will highlight some key things to take into account when you are looking at security for your site.

Before you take a walk

A few key things to consider before you take a walk around your site:

  • Why do you need the CCTV in place? Is it only to act as a deterrent? Health and Safety? Or do you need it for production purposes?
  • Do the cameras need to be discreet?
  • Is a live feed required? Perhaps to a control room?
  • What about the recordings? Do you need somewhere to store them?
  • Do you need the cameras indoors or outdoors? Or both?

Take a walk

Take a walk around your site and look at the following:

  • Location – Where do they need to be located? Are there any blind spots that need covering?
  • Height – How high do you need the cameras to be?
  • Privacy – Are there any specific areas where you need to be careful about breaching other businesses privacy or even a residential area?
  • Power access – Can you easily get power to the cameras? Will you need extra cabling?
  • Lighting – Any sun traps where the sun will block a clear visual? How about areas that will require monitoring at night – is there sufficient lighting?

Think about the nitty gritty

Now it’s time to think more about the system you want in place.

  • Image quality – How clear do you need the image to be? Do you need to see down to a finite detail?
  • Lighting – Do you need low-level lighting or a camera to be able to see in pitch black, darkness? Or does it need to have the ability to see infra-red?
  • Audio – Do you need audio?
  • Fixed or rotational – Do you need the camera to zoom and focus, pan or does it just need to be in a fixed position?
  • Broadband – Do you have sufficient broadband for the cameras to transmit the recordings?
  • Maintenance – Who is going to be checking that the cameras are operational on a regular basis?

How Secure is your Business?

CCTV is just one aspect of site security; Gates and Barriers, Access Control and Intruder Alarms are worth considering.

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