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Good communication solutions are important because it is how you interact with all of your customers, suppliers and staff. Those solutions need to help your business be more productive, efficient and offer you business resiliency.

We want our customer’s businesses to remain connected but thrive with the right technology, so we aim to keep them ahead of any technological changes. We have been supplying, installing and supporting our client’s communications, security and energy for 25 years across various business sectors such as Hospitality, Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education and Retail.

Our solutions include:

Phone Lines

  • ISDN uses physical lines to transmit voice calls. This technology is being phased out and will be obsolete by 2025.
  • SIP is the most superior type of phone line due to the flexibility, easy of use, quality of calls and lower call costs.
  • Inbound Phone Line Management gives you more control over your phone numbers and how calls come into your business.

Phone Systems

  • Hosted Phone System is effectively renting a phone system.
  • IP Phone System is the purchase of a dedicated system for your own use, and you choose where to host it
  • Hybrid Phone System enables you to use your existing ISDN, Analogue or Digital infrastructure whilst taking advantage of IP in one single flexible phone system


  • Business Broadband - Home broadband is like a motorway which clogged up with traffic. A toll road with lots of lanes, free but you have to pay a slight fee for the advantage over others. That’s business broadband.
  • Cabling – Not any type of cable will do; too much or too little amount was used or the wrong types of cables are being used then potentially you’ll need the cabling done again which is costly.
  • Ethernet is a popular choice for businesses using business-critical cloud applications. Ethernet services are dedicated, uncontested broadband services with guaranteed bandwidth, synchronous speeds and SLA’s.
  • Private WAN is an ideal network solution for multi-site businesses that want to improve their service between sites and have a secure and reliable network.
  • Wi-Fi - Without strong Wi-Fi, your business restricts its capabilities to a cable.


  • CCTV Systems – A good CCTV system will enable you to check your site via an app, notify you of an authorised entry and enable you to search a specific area for an incident, quickly.
  • Access Control – There are two types of access control; Biometric or Standard. Both should stop unauthorised persons from entering an area although, Biometric adds that extra level of security.
  • Intruder Alarms – A good Intruder Alarm will have Motion Detectors, Shock Sensors, Alarm, Panic Buttons and be controllable via an App.
  • Security Barriers – can be manually controlled or automated to grant access alongside access control.
  • Fire Alarms – Fire alarm regulations state that all business premises must have ‘an appropriate fire detection system’. There are three types of Fire Alarms: Conventional fire Alarms, Addressable fire Alarm, wireless fire alarms.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

  • Unified Communications means a business can communicate using difference channels of communication from any device, seamlessly.
  • Mobile enhances a business’s collaboration experience and ensures everyone remains connected, particularly with our Multi-net bolt-on which means your mobile switches between networks to get the strongest signal; great for travelling team members.


Business Energy is one such area you can save money by switching your supplier, even if you are in contract, you can secure today’s prices, ready for your contract ending.

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We have been in the communications industry for over 25 years and we cover SIP, ISDN, Hybrid Phone systems, IP Phone systems, Hosted Phone systems, Broadband, Cabling, Wi-Fi, Private WAN, Ethernet, Unified Communications, Mobile, CCTV, Access Control, Fire alarms, Security Gates, Intruder Alarms and Business Energy.

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