Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)

Increase your productivity with Unified Communications and Collaboration

Unified communications and Collaboration (UCC) was born from the need of businesses to be more flexible in their approach to working with suppliers, customers and internally with their staff.

Flexible working is a rising trend and it empowers the users to work from anywhere in the world. Mobile devices in particular are becoming an extension of the corporate network so workers can be productive anywhere.

Essentially, Unified Communications means a business can communicate using difference channels of communication from one seamless application which increases the efficiency, profitability and productivity of a business.

For example, a typical Unified Communications tool will be an application but from that application you can conduct a Voice call, Video call, Instant Message, Share Documents and Calendars with multiple people, internally or externally.

Unified Communications is really revolutionising the way businesses operate, especially for small to medium sized businesses, it enables them to have an advantage over their larger competitors.

Benefits of Unified Communications and Collaboration:

  • Flexibility – Unified Communications enables staff to pick up messages through different mediums helping them to become more efficient and effective at their jobs.
  • Mobility – Remote workers are able to stay connected with colleagues, suppliers and customers at all times.
  • Efficiency – You are giving your staff the tools to pick up messages, respond and work on the go. You improve their efficiency and boost the bottom line.
  • Privacy – Cloud Unified Communications will give you greater levels of data privacy; a more exclusive company interface and a much more secure connection.
  • Environmental impact – With a public concern about being “green,” the introduction of Unified Communications, it can considerably cut travel time and therefore your carbon footprint. This also means more time spent getting the job done, rather than spent on unnecessary travel.

We have worked with numerous industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail and finance to enhance their business with Unified Communications and Collaboration tools.

Unified Communications can seem like a minefield, so please get in touch if you need some help, we promise it’s painless and the benefits are huge!

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