Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)

Increase your productivity with Unified Communications and Collaboration

It’s rare for businesses to completely operate from one fixed location; as most have employees who work on the road or from home, even if it’s just answering an email. This is where your Unified communications and collaboration comes in to play.

We have worked with numerous industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail and finance to enhance their business with Unified Communications and Collaboration tools.

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Unified Communications (UC)

There is a huge demand for businesses to be flexible, agile and fast to react, ahead of their competitors.

Unified Communications (UC) helps you do that by bringing together different technologies to run in sync so that your business can run effectively and competitively.
A simplified example of…

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…Unified Communications would be Google: As a search engine, you can find the answers to your burning questions within the blink of an eye, but think about Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Hangouts and the use of a Google account for instant messaging; you can even place phone calls.

This is a really simple and easy way of thinking about Unified Communications;

you have all of the systems you need, at your fingertips, seamlessly integrated into one easy to use interface.

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Mobile – Collaboration

A great collaboration tool is, of course, the mobile and we have partnered with all of the major mobile phone networks to offer this service to our clients.

We also have a unique product which enables your team to connect to the network with the strongest coverage in the area; it’s often favoured by our clients who have sales teams, travelling…

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…across the UK so that they always remain connected.

We can supply basic mobile phones all the way through to the very latest technology, with the top of the range smartphones, tablets and 4G connectivity; all with competitive price plans to suit your usage.

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Mitel MiCollab

Mitel MiCollab is a tool that we thoroughly recommend, in fact, we use it ourselves, internally.

It is a collaboration tool with some fantastic features such as;

  • Instant messaging – individual/group chat
  • Conferencing applications…

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  • Real-time voice and video calling
  • File sharing / Screen sharing
  • Softphone
  • Calendar integration
  • Outlook® integration
  • File annotation
  • Harness the power of teams.

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