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Choose from our range of Business Connectivity Solutions that will help improve your workplace and your business’s productivity.

Business Connectivity keeps your business systems and equipment operating efficiently and enables easy, quick collaboration. 

Business Connectivity can help you access cloud-based applications, use systems, machines and equipment that are fundamental to your business, and enable you to communicate and collaborate, easily and quickly with your employees and customers, regardless of location.

Business Connectivity isn’t just limited to internet connectivity like Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or Ethernet.

Cabling is the infrastructure for your connectivity; it underpins your technology and ensures it works and with the right cable, performs efficiently, for example, without Data, Security and Voice Cabling, your Audio-Visual technology, Wi-Fi routers and Security systems wouldn’t work.

You can take your internet connectivity further with Private WAN, as it is technology that is ideal if your business has multiple sites and you want a private, secure and reliable business network that delivers high speeds across your organisation.

If you don’t want your employees to be restricted by physical cables, you’ll also need to ensure your business Wi-Fi and Business Mobiles match your company needs. Strong, reliable, Wi-Fi lets your employees collaborate across the business by being able to physically take their laptop to a collaboration space and stay connected.

Your Business Mobiles will enable you to not only reach and communicate with your employees but with the right data connectivity plans, and the right unified communications applications, they’ll be able to remain productive even when they aren’t on-site.

Don’t forget, Audio and Visual technology is part of your business connectivity strategy as it can ensure you are able to connect, collaborate and communicate across your business, and with the right Audio and Visual technology, you can make a positive impression on visitors and staff, alike.

Why choose BTT?

We have been installing business connectivity solutions for over 27 years across the UK. We have significant experience providing our customers in the distribution, education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, motor, and retail industries with the best business connectivity solutions to match their business’s needs.

Regardless of your business size; whether you are a small business to a large corporate business with thousands of employees, we have the experience and resources to tailor the best connectivity solution to your organisation and provide the best help and support to ensure you stay connected.

Strong business connectivity means an increase in:

Productivity – Profitability – Efficiency – Happy Customers (and Staff) – Business Resiliency

It’s important to choose the connectivity solutions that are right for your business, so please get in touch if you need advice.

What our customers have to say...

We have several case studies where we have worked with businesses on their connectivity solution, read about their challenges and how we helped with the business connectivity.

Trust Group UK
“Software solutions we need to use are bandwidth-hungry.”
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“Frequent downtime and latency due to internet connection, causing one site to be down for three days.”
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Fuel Marketing
“Rural office experiencing huge latency, slowing down productivity because of poor connectivity.”
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“Need the right business connectivity to support off site working and improve communication and collaboration across the main estate.”
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Transform your workplace with our Business Connectivity Solutions

Audio Visual (AV) Technology

Audio and Visual helps your business make a positive impression to visitors, enhances collaboration between your employees and helps you communicate across your business site(s). We can help with IP TV’s, Wireless Presentations, Interactive Screens, Projectors, PA Systems, Speakers and Video Conference equipment

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Business Wi-Fi

Strong, reliable, Wi-Fi lets your employees collaborate by being able to physically take their laptop to a collaboration space and stay connected, or enable you to offer a secure Wi-Fi option for visitors and customers. We can offer Public Wi-Fi, Private Wi-Fi and Mobile Wi-Fi solutions.

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Business Internet Connectivity

Choose reliable internet connectivity that gives you the speeds your business needs; Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) and Ethernet. For machinery, POS and security systems that need a dedicated connectivity connection, we have M2M/IoT Mobile broadband.

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Data, Security and Voice Cabling

Cabling ensures your technology functions but also, performs, efficiently. We can provide Cabling Audits, Consultations, Cabling Plans, Cabling Installations, Upgrades and Testing. We guarantee our work and we offer an out-of-hours cabling installation service.

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Business Mobiles

Business Mobiles enable you to communicate with your employees but with the right data connectivity plans, they’ll be productive when they are working remotely, too.

Choose a business mobile solution which is designed for business users.

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Private WAN Network

Private WAN is a business connectivity solution which is ideal for multi-sited businesses that want to improve connectivity between sites and have a high-speed, private, secure and reliable business network.

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