Company Mobiles for staff - yay or nay?

There are a lot of pros and cons to giving staff work mobiles, and some things to consider if you do.

Pros of Company Mobiles

Business-related apps: Enhance the working environment with apps like email, Skype & Dropbox

Remote working: Projects can be completed without having to be in the office

Reduced office costs: Less overheads, and a great way of keeping in contact with staff

Other pros of supplying company mobiles

Safety: Keep staff that work unsociable hours safe

On Call: You can appoint out-of-hours contacts without divulging personal phone numbers

Cons of Company Mobiles

Distraction: Which can lead to mistakes, but you could consider implementing a business only usage with company mobiles.

Games/Social Media: Set a clear expectation that their company mobile is only used for business social media. 

Other cons of supplying company mobiles

Work- Life Balance: Ensure your staff maintain that balance and don't overwork.

Data Security: Company data could be compromised if company mobiles are stolen, hacked or misused. 

Other things to consider about company mobiles

Safety on the road: Ensure road safety prioritises usage of the phone

Allocation of phones: Be clear on which employees actually require a company phone

Costs: Consider potential damage to the mobile phone, and who pays for it

If you are considering using company mobile phones...

There are many pros and cons,

and different mobile packages and features to look into:

Data Pooling WiFi Calling Business Mobile Packages

But, ultimately, it comes down to trust. 

Do you trust your employees enough not to abuse it?

If you do, ensure you are covered by relevant policies.

If you need advice on company mobiles, get in touch.