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Guarantee your Business Security with our Security Systems

Ask yourself:

  • Do you sell products?
  • How much is that stock worth?
  • What impact would that have on your business?

When you start to look at the figures, it’s well worth putting in a security system to keep your site secure.

Not only does a good business security system act as a theft deterrent but it also benefits your business when there are health and safety incidents (being able to accurately tell what happened as well as measures to prevent incidents.) It is important that should the unthinkable happen, you have done all you can to either prevent the occurrence or be able to provide footage should evidence be needed.

A good security system should:

Notify you of unauthorised entries – Record evidence of unsolicited activities – Quick Access to CCTV Recordings - Control Access to Key areas

We have been supplying, installing, and maintaining business security solutions for over 16 years across the UK. Although our office is based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, our experienced, trusted security engineers travel every day to our customers who are across the country so even if you are not local to our Kettering office, we're likely closer than you think.

We have worked across a number of industries to tailor security solutions to fit and enhance their businesses. We have significant experience working in education, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries.

We have experience with all the latest security technology, from CCTV to access control entry systems, fire alarms, intruder alarms, and security barriers. We use the best quality systems and with our knowledge and experience, we can tailor the security systems to fit your business’s needs.

Your security needs will depend on various factors such as assets, site size, and type of business so please get in touch for a free site security audit.

Discover more about your Business Security System Options

Access Control

Our access control systems are tailored to your business, from single-door to multiple-site access. You’ll be able to control access and make changes to the permissions in real-time.

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Intruder Alarms

The Intruder Alarms we supply and install come with Motion Detectors, Shock Sensors, Alarm, Panic Buttons, and be controllable via an App. We can easily integrate them with other security measures.

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Our CCTV systems will be installed to minimise blind spots whilst giving you clear footage that’ll be stored in a secure location. You’ll be able to search and retrieve footage, in minutes.

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Security Barriers

Security Barriers are the first line of defence for your site. We can easily integrate them with your access control systems to enhance your business's level of security.

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Fire Alarms

Fire alarm regulations state that businesses must have 'an appropriate fire detection system.’
Do you have the right Fire Alarm system in place?

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Free Security Audit

A site audit would mean we would come to your site, look at size and location, assess the risks and current measures.

We'll give you a complete security audit with our list of suggestions.

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