Which Phone Line should I choose?

Every business needs to decide on what type of phone line connection will be the best fit for you to get the calls to and from your phone system.

We have been installing phone lines and systems for over 25 years across the UK. We have worked across a number of industries providing the best phone system solution suited to their business. We have significant experience working in healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, automotive, and retail. Regardless of whether you are a small one-man-band or a large corporate with thousands of users; we have the experience and resource to tailor, install and support the best solution for your business.

A phone line needs to give your business:

Flexibility with your phone numbers– High voice quality – Scalability - Business Continuity

There are two main contenders for phone lines:

ISDN Phone Lines are a traditional type of phone line which uses physical lines to transmit voice calls. You have to purchase an ISDN phone line for every 8 channels. You won’t be able to purchase any additional lines past 2023. This technology is being switched off between April and December 2025.

SIP Phone Lines uses virtual lines (internet lines) to transmit a phone call. It is the most superior type of phone line. This is mostly down to the flexibility and scalability that SIP gives you; the speed in which you can add/remove lines, the quality of the calls and the lower call costs.

If you choose a SIP Line, you may also want to choose a phone line management solution that increases your control over your phone numbers and how calls come into your business. We recommend an Inbound Phone Line Management solution.

There isn’t one size, fits all, so please do get in touch to discuss your requirements!

Discover more about ISDN, SIP and Inbound.

ISDN Phone Lines

ISDN is a traditional type of Phone Line which still has a place in today’s business world, at least until the BT ISDN switch off in 2025.

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SIP Lines

SIP and SIP trunks is an on-premise solution for a telephone system that will use virtual phone lines rather than physical wires.

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Inbound Phone Line Management

Inbound is great for simple call routing through to large-scale call centres. You can route, monitor and manage your calls, easily.

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