Is Zoom the best video conferencing tool?

Video communication is key for operating effectively whilst remote working. But is Zoom the best for video conferencing needs?

Benefits of Zoom

- A free account

- Paid accounts are competitively packaged

- Ease of installation and use

- Great video quality

The Flaws of Zoom

- Questions surrounding security issues

Alternatives to Zoom

Zoom is good but it missing a key collaboration element. A Unified Communications (UC) tool which uses all the great aspects of Zoom, plus collaboration is definitely next level.

Unified Communications Tools

* UC creates seamless communication

* Audio and video calls with screen sharing abilities

* Instant messages and file annotation

Three Unified Communication Tools we recommend:

* Wildix

* Mitel Micollab

* Horizon

Your choice will likely depend on your budget and your business type. 

Get in touch today to discuss the best option for your business.