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Our installation and support team are dedicated to keeping your business connected.


Keeping your business connected

BTT has been in the communications industry for over 20 years.

We want our customer’s businesses to remain connected but thrive with the right technology, so we aim to keep them ahead of any technological changes.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be knowledgeable in most areas of communications technology such as; business telephone systems, phone lines, business broadband, business mobiles and cabling solutions although, we are not limited to just those areas.

We are based in Kettering, Northamptonshire and we have a range of customers across the UK; some of which have an international presence. Particularly, we have a strong client base in the Midlands (Birmingham, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire), North East, North West, South East and London; although we have customers as far as Devon and Glasgow.

We have worked with a range of business sectors but we specialise in the following:

  • Hospitality (Hotels, Conference centres and Golf clubs)
  • Automotive (Car dealerships, Car parts)
  • Steel (Manufacturing, processing and stockholders)
  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Doctors and Dentists)
  • Retail (Restaurants, Furniture retailers and Shopping centres.)

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Brands we've worked with

We're always trying to futureproof, so the last solution that [BTT] put in in, I would wager is twice the size of the solution we had before, and should serve us for the next two and a half, three years.

Nigel White

Co-founder and Finance director

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When we were going out quoting for this system, we had three people involved and BTT blew everyone else out of the water. They came in with a very, very good price, which was great for us. They weren’t very strict about ‘we’ll install it and off we go, that’ll be it’. The engineers installed it over the holidays for us, then the engineer was in the first day the school was open as well, just to iron out any problems.

Phil Halford

Network Manager

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BTT came up trumps, did the data, did the phones, and everything ran smoothly from their point. They did their bit. When you say, ‘something is urgent,’ they really do try their best to move things around a bit and come out.

Sue Austin - Luton & Dunstable University Hospital

Transport, Switchboard and Facilities Helpdesk Manager

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They're very good at what they do. They're very good at listening to what we wanted. I'm quite a technical, hands-on IT manager and I know generally what I want. So it was nice to engage with them at a technical level, that they understood that and we could work closely together to get it bang on.

David Vile

I.T Manager

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