Which Phone System should I choose?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a business phone system, which include: What type of connection you want, if the cost structure fits your budget, if it has all the calling features you want, whether it offers collaboration tools that suit your business, not to mention if it provides the mobility tools your employees need when they are working outside the office.

Here are the key factors you should consider when choosing a business phone system, depending on your business size, objectives, predicted growth, industry and target market:

Phone Connection - Hosting - Options - Cost - Calling Features - Collaboration - Mobility

When choosing a phone system, it is important to find a service that not only has the features and tools you want in a phone system, but also offers the level of customer support you expect from a vendor partner.
We offer experienced advice every step of the way to recommend a perfect phone system solution for your business.

There are three main phone system options; Hosted telephony (VoIP), IP Phone Systems and Hybrid Phone Systems.

A Hosted Phone System is effectively renting a phone system.

An IP Phone System is the purchase of a dedicated system for your own use, and you choose where to host it

A Hybrid Phone System is ISDN, Analogue, Digital and IP in one single flexible phone system

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Hosted Phone Systems

When you choose a Hosted Phone system you are effectively renting the system rather than purchasing your own dedicated system.

It is a low-cost alternative to an IP or Hybrid PBX Phone System because you don’t have significant capital costs.
Hosted Phone Systems are…

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cloud-based which means.you connect to it using an internet connection (IP technology.)

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Hybrid Phone System

A Hybrid Phone System combines the different types of connection technology (ISDN, Analogue, Digital and IP) into a single modern and flexible phone system.

Unlike an IP Phone System, it cannot be put onto an industry standard server or be cloud-based; it needs its own dedicated PBX box. These can…

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be purchased outright, rented or leased. Most businesses opt for a Hybrid Phone System when they have ISDN, Analogue or Digital infrastructure but want the advantages that IP brings to the table.

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IP Phone System

An IP Phone System uses Internet Protocol (IP) technology which means you use your internet connection, Local Area Network (LAN) or both.

With an IP Phone System, you purchase the phone system for your own use and you choose where to host it; on-premise or off-site…

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These can be purchased outright, rented or leased.

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