Best Unified Communications Tools for Small Businesses

So, what is UCC?

Unified Communications enables you to communicate via any medium, share and collaborate from one application.

UC helps you keep up with projects via project-specific chats, stay connected with colleagues and clients, and boost the sharing of knowledge and ideas across the business. 

It’s immensely time-saving, and therefore boosts productivity in small businesses. 

Experience UCC benefits like:

Real-time communication between clients

Internal and external users on the same platform

Audio and video calls

Instant Conferencing

Desktop sharing

Corporate chat

Calendar Integration

It's not a question of should you consider UCC tools for your small business, but rather...

Which UCC tools are you going to implement?

Three UCC tools that have been given the BTT stamp of approval...

Mitel Collaboration

Horizon Collaborate

Wildix Collaborate

So why should you jump on this bandwagon?

Flexibility - gives staff access wherever they are.

Mobility - employees always able to connect with co-workers.

Privacy - you will experience greater levels of data privacy.

Information flows freely throughout the organisation - helps work flows to be managed more closely and improves efficiency.

Flexible working is a rising trend...

It empowers the users to work, not only from home, but anywhere in the world.

Mobile devices are extensions of the corporate network, workers can be productive anywhere.

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