Guide to choosing business mobiles for your recruiters

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Business mobiles are an essential bit of kit for recruiters in your industry. The ability to be “mobile” and service your clients has never been more important. Add in the increase of remote workers making up the vast majority of the workforce, a business mobile is becoming the must-have tool.

The recruitment industry is crowded, so it’s vital for your agency to stay ahead of the game and beat of competition. Excellent communication is key within the recruitment process, and recruiters heavily rely on their phones in order to make this happen. But with technology developing at such a fast pace, an excellent recruitment strategy relies on up-to-date telecoms.

The main difference between business mobiles and consumer-based mobiles are that business mobiles handle purely business traffic, meaning the core network isn’t clogged down. Response times and features are enhanced on business mobiles.

It may be that recruiters are working remotely, and seeing clients, but staff will want to keep their phone number hidden and need to use their mobile to call - as if it's from the phone system.

Business mobiles need to have:

  • Strong internet connection

  • Solid network coverage

  • Flexible data plans

  • Integration with existing phone system

Data Pooling, Enhanced Voicemail and Wi-Fi Calling

Data pooling negates the need for different phone bills for different members of staff, with the ability to share data across multiple devices for your team of recruiters. This means that individuals use the data needed and the business is not penalised when they go over their data limit as there will always be someone who uses less. It means that light and heavy data users balance it out and helps eliminate extra charges.

Consider the benefits of enhanced voicemail, so your recruitment team never miss an important call, with the facility to receive voicemails by email direct to their business mobile.

Wi-Fi Calling features allows your team to continue communicating wherever they are, just by accessing Wi-Fi. Once Wi-Fi calling is enabled on the mobile phone devices, it will be able to link in with any connected Wi-Fi network. Most networks allow you to move between Wi-Fi calling or via their network automatically, and all major phone networks enable Wi-Fi calling.

UC Tools

Unified communications are about bringing together different technologies to run in sync across multiple communication channels, making all business operations run smoothly and effectively, perfect for recruitment teams but for the whole business, too.

UC tools enable your entire team to be more productive when working, and allows complete accessibility from any device, anywhere.

Is there anything else to think about?

When you are choosing a business mobile for your recruitment agency you'll want to focus on the data side and ease of accessing more data if you need it. For instance, with the business mobiles we supply, we offer access to a portal whereby your business can manage the different settings such as data pooling yourselves to enable complete control of the system.

The device you choose depends on the preference of the user, but one thing to consider is that any required applications are compatible with the OS (some Apps are built purely for Apple phones for instance). However, we do recommend that you upgrade your business mobile device every two years.

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