6 Must-Have Tools for Remote Working

With ever-increasing workforces working remotely from home,

to manage successfully, here are the 6 tools we recommend

1. Broadband - Imperative to remote working. Standard home broadband might not cut it

2. Email - A lot of communication is done via email so of course you need a reliable email software. We recommend using Office 365.

3. Company File Storage -

A place to store, add, update and remove files, that can be accessed from a central location. We recommend OneDrive, Dropbox and SharePoint.

4. CRM -  A centralised database of your customer records and interactions is imperative for all businesses.

5. Unified Communications - A tool that creates a seamless communication method between customers, staff, suppliers and prospects. We recommend these three unified communications tools:

Wildix Mitel Micollab Horizon Collaborate

6. Checklist - 

Encourage productivity with lists and tasks. Some systems integrate that ability - so look out for integration with your outlook account for efficient sharing of tasks with your team, and create lists of different tasks for different projects.

Some internal factors to consider with remote working:

Company culture dictates a lot within a business, because it’s based on human interactions and perceptions which mould a company culture.

There is a simple solution to this problem, although not an easy one as it takes time and the message and attitudes need to start from the leadership teams and filter down.

Diminished colleague relationships occur as a result when colleagues no longer share the same workspace. 

Integrate company culture with business practices that encourage social and cross-department interaction.

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