Why does my business need an Intruder Alarm?

An Intruder Alarm is there to detect any unauthorised entry into your business. They also naturally act as a deterrent. A burglar is usually after a quick win so they are more likely to go after properties with less security.

If that isn’t enough of a reason, look at the potential monetary loss. For instance, do you sell products? How much is that stock worth? What impact would that have to your business?

When you start to look at the figures, it’s well worth putting in an Intruder detection system.

What features should an Intruder Alarm have?

  • Motion detectors – detect movement within the area it can monitor
  • Shock sensors – for any entry via windows
  • Alarm – which alerts through sound and lights
  • Panic buttons – if you are within the building and notice a break-in you can act on it
  • App – this is ideal for business owners who want to keep an eye on the business when not there or even in the same country.

What types of Intruder Alarms are there?

There are three main types of intruder alarms:

Bells only Intruder Alarm - The alarm will go off and it will make a lot of noise but it will not notify you. You are relying on sound to deter the burglar from acting any further.

Dialler Intruder Alarm - This alarm, when activated will automatically call a pre-specified phone number. You can choose anyone; perhaps an out-of-hours point of contact or you directly.

Smart Intruder Alarm - Like the Dialler intruder alarm, it will contact you, or other specified contacts via your app.

How often do I need to set my Intruder Alarm?


Every time the last employee leaves the building or if there are employees in the building but not in certain areas (especially if you have night worker) then you need to set your alarm.

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Boost your security!

Intruder alarms can be used in conjunction with Access control, Gates and Barriers and CCTV ensures your business remains as secure as it can possibly be.


It's important for the security of your business to know who is coming in and out of your building and be able to monitor their whereabouts.

Additionally, should the worst happen, CCTV evidence is useful to prove or disprove any allegations.

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Access Control

All businesses whether small medium or large have assets, staff and property that need to be protected.

There have been so many times that doors are left unlocked, which opens up the possibility of opportunist theft and malicious damage.

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Security Gates

There are many different types of Security Gates and Barriers.

Some gates and barriers can be automated so at a push of a button you can grant access and some which you can tie in with access control which again, automates entrance but also gets them to verify their identity.

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A security audit will allow us to asses all security risks to your business and we can give you a detailed audit of what areas expose your business to opportunists.

We will look at the layout of your site, entrances and exits, the nature of the different buildings and any existing security measures.

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