Wi-Fi connects you to your network, allowing you to transfer information without a data cable present.

It has many advantages and applications in today’s business world.

What are the Advantages of Internal Wi-Fi?

Internal Wi-Fi can help when it comes to internal productivity, for the following reasons:

  • No desk restrictions – your staff can pick their laptop or device up and move to another location, perhaps a conference room and still remain connected. Ultimately, it means they aren’t tethered to one location when their job could take them all over the office.
  • Increase Collaboration – a huge benefit if teams can pick up what they need, move to another location to work on a project but still be able to access key business information.
  • Simple Infrastructure – you are no longer dictated to by wires and cables when you have staff visit from other offices or recruit new employees.

Should we create our own Public Wi-Fi network?

If you have a location where visitors will be spending some time with your business, such as a hotel, store or restaurant then having your own Public Wi-Fi network is hugely beneficial, for the following reasons:

  • Marketing – you can have a fixed log-in page, where for users to obtain free wi-fi, they need to supply their emails and naturally be exposed to your promotional messages on the page.
  • Increase footfall – if you advertise that you offer free wi-fi, that can be a huge draw for potential customers, especially, if they are looking to meet a business colleague.
  • Increase repeat purchases – Some people just need to sit down or burn time, so they’ll turn to their devices. If they can freely access your Wi-Fi, they may spend longer because they are more comfortable, which in turn can increase further purchases.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Wi-Fi?

Many devices and data plans allow the ability to make your mobile a Wi-Fi hot spot. This can be particularly advantageous if you have travelling workers because it can:

  • Increase their productivity, external to the office – whether they are travelling on a train, or attending a meeting at a customer’s office, they’ll be able to access your network and continue to work or process orders.
  • Increase security – open Wi-Fi networks are frequented by hackers as quick-wins, by using their own mobile hotspot; your data is protected.

Am I Secure?

Security is one of the main issues that put businesses off from going wireless, but we can set your mind at ease, for instance, we can install a wireless Local Area Network, or LAN, which will require a passcode, so only approved members of staff will be able to access the connection.

These are the products we have available so we can build you a stronger network:

  • Policy Firewall – Policy Enforcement Firewall with deep packet inspection to ensure that each connection and user session is secure. Unlike traditional firewalls, our next-gen mobility firewall is aware of user roles, device types and app flows.
  • Intrusion Protection – Wireless intrusion protection throughout your network to prevent denial-of-service, man-in-the-middle and other security threats. There is no need to separate RF sensors and security appliances.
  • Policy Management – This product identifies all devices and users so that if an unknown device tries to connect, it is rejected and you are notified.

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