What is a Hosted Phone System?

The Hosted Phone system is cloud-based which means you connect to it using an internet connection (IP technology) but effectively you are renting the system rather than purchasing your own dedicated system.

A Hosted Phone system is a low-cost alternative to an IP / Hybrid Phone System because you don’t have significant upfront capital costs.

Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

  • Flexibility even if you are on the road (because you can make calls from your mobile using your phone system) or if you need to move to another office because your phone system will simply plug-in.
  • Scalability as adding and removing users is simple.
  • Variety of Features such as video conferencing, call routing, voicemail recording sent to email etc.
  • Automatic upgrades are distributed to all users.
  • Phone system management is in your hands as you have access to change any settings such as opening times or we can do that for you.
  • Business continuity is covered with hosted telephony, as your calls can be instantly rerouted in the event of an outage – meaning you won’t be missing out on business.
  • Minimal set-up costs as there is no hardware except if you want a phone handset.
  • Low monthly cost per user.
  • No physical hardware to host on-site or remotely.
  • Speedy installation as it’s unlikely that you’ll need physical cabling because most places have internet connectivity.
  • Maintenance is included within your monthly subscription.

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Limitations of a Hosted Phone System

There is only one caveat; it is IP technology which means you need a reliable internet connection since the phone system runs across the internet; the connection determines the voice quality. A good connection is paramount.

A Hosted Phone System is ideal for…

Small businesses benefit because there is minimal outlay, one monthly cost and it is scalable as they grow or move locations.

Medium sized business benefit from minimal outlay and flexibility and the one, monthly cost.

Large businesses benefit from the minimal outlay, flexibility and the one monthly cost.

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