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Traditionally, in small businesses, the practice was that all staff work from a set office location, using traditional telephone systems.

But times are changing. Small businesses need to be productive, and to do so, the digital age must be embraced! Digital transformation presents a new way of working where the systems and methods of communication adjust to the way businesses and people want to operate - at the time and place that benefits them. Unified Communications and Collaboration platforms can be utilised to great effect in a small business.

Moving beyond email, UCC solutions make work super streamlined, for both clients and freelance agencies. The ability to be able to communicate to all relevant parties via group chats, or individual chats, and project-specific chats, is immensely time-saving, and therefore boosts productivity in small businesses.

Experience UCC benefits like:

  • Real-time communication between clients

  • Internal and external users on the same platform

  • Audio and video calls

  • Instant Conferencing

  • Desktop sharing

  • Corporate chat

  • Calendar Integration

You can keep up with projects, stay connected with colleagues, and boost the sharing of knowledge and ideas across the business. You can even extend this function to include clients and suppliers.

Collaboration happens anywhere, on any device, with the same look and feel, whether you are on-site or working remotely.

It's not really a case of should you consider UCC tools for your small business, but rather, which UCC tools are you going to implement.

Which UCC tools should you consider?

At BTT Comms headquarters, many, many Unified Communications tools have been tried and tested!

Below are the three which receive our stamp of approval.

These three UCC tools come highly recommended from our technical BTT Comms team. These tools work better with their own phone system, but there are licenses available so you are able to use the UC tool separately.

Unified Communications gives staff the access they need wherever they are, at whatever time, increasing the efficiency of the business as well as the efficiency of your employees. Information flows freely throughout the organisation, helping workflows to be managed more closely and with the opportunity for staff to pick up messages through different mediums, they can become more efficient and effective at their jobs, in turn, boosting the bottom line of your company.

Flexible working is a rising trend, and it empowers the users to work from, not only home, but anywhere in the world. Mobile devices become extensions of the corporate network so workers can be productive anywhere

Mitel Collaboration

Horizon Collaborate

Wildix Collaboration

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Notice the effects almost immediately, as your business becomes more flexible and agile.​

Most businesses find that the transformation to UCC tools in their small businesses is minimal. The BTT team can get you up and running very quickly, at a competitive rate.

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