What is the best security system for shopping centres?

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Shopping centres use a wide array of security cameras to monitor shoppers, reduce theft and to improve safety for all. When there is a large group of people in a shopping centre, it is vital that security uses the very best security equipment available. A solid security regime is essential, and should cover these three areas of security:

  • Physical security

  • Information security

  • Personnel security

So what are the best security considerations for shopping centres?


CCTV is the obvious one to start with.

There are a few elements to CCTV systems; types of cameras, features and video recording analytics.

Type of CCTV Cameras

Most shopping centres benefit from a variety of CCTV cameras:

Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras can eliminate blind spots with their 180-degree and 360-degree surround view (with the right placement.) Particularly beneficial for shopping centres, a particular area can be highlighted and monitored with the smart search feature.

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras can rotate 360-degrees, so they cover a larger area than most of their counterparts, and tend to be best for internal environments.

Bullet cameras

For CCTV purposes outside of the shopping centre, bullet cameras come into play. Typically, they are one of the better options for outside monitoring especially with their longer-range capabilities.

CCTV features

There are a wide-range of useful features for your CCTV system. These are the most popular features for Shopping Centres:

  • Panoramic view (no blind spots)

  • Tamper detection

  • Weather protection

  • Night-vision

  • Intrusion detection

  • Auto-tracking

  • Infra-red

  • ANPR 

  • People recognition

  • Unattended baggage detection

  • Line crossing (if someone intrudes on a boundary such as a fence)

  • Object removal detection• Facial detection• Self-learning video analytics

  • Facial detection

  • Self-learning video analytics

Reviewing Security Measures?

Invite us out to your shopping centre and we can carry out an audit on your current security measures and advise you on any new technologies that will help improve your security.

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CCTV Recordings and Analytics

A decision will need to be made as to who is monitoring your shopping centre, for instance, will you have on-site security guards, 24/7 or will you outsource this a security company. Either way, your CCTV system will need to be set-up (and be compatible for the software) for the right analytics and notifications.

Most of our CCTV systems come with a mobile app as standard. This is particularly useful as your guards are walking around the site, they can still access the rest of the security system.

You need good analytics and notifications set up so you can analyse your security footage. One of the things you’ll be able to see is how many visitors you have to your site. It is particularly useful if you have a car park which you manage as you’ll be able to activate notifications if a car leaves after the 4-hour limit so they are issued a car parking ticket.

Another key feature for all shopping centres to have is Smart Search. This enables you to “draw a line” around a certain area and watch the activity for that specific area, within the frame of the camera. It enables quick searching for any incidents; health and safety issues, break-ins, criminal damage or even bullying. For instance, if you have a break-in and you identify the entry point, you can then select the area on the camera where the door/window is, select a time-frame and it will highlight ‘events’ which will show you when that entry point was accessed. You will then have the evidence needed to send on to the police and it takes roughly 15 minutes.

More about CCTV in Shopping Centres

Intruder and Fire Alarms

Intruder alarms are commonly used to deter crime, detect offenders and delay their actions. Intruder alarms and CCTV work together as an effective security system.

Fire Alarms

Addressable fire alarms are crucial in large shopping centre premises, so the area of the fire can be pinpointed exactly, saving valuable time.

Intruder Alarms

Smart intruder alarms can trigger a call to the security team either on site or outsourced.

Access Control

Having access control keeps access points to a minimum, and makes sure that the boundary between public and private areas of the shopping centre is secure.

Standard access control is usually pin codes, access pass/fob or an intercom.

There will be a list of authorised persons with the relevant access and each device will only allow certain people through to the secure location.

Security Barriers 

Security barriers are typically used in shopping centre car parks - which can also be integrated with the business CCTV.

Drop arm barriers are usually utilised in such car parks, and can be integrated with existing access control.

Turnstiles and Pedestrian gates are used in shopping centres, too but mainly for staff access for staff safety.

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