How to use Technology to make your Sales Team more Effective

Salespeople typically don’t work well stuck in the office, they want to make their appointments and get out on the road. However, that doesn’t mean deals don’t come through when they are out and about or even enquiries and any salesperson will tell you that you need to jump on those leads before your competitor does.

So, what technology will make your sales team more effective?

(VoIP) Phone system – Obviously, a sales team need the ability to make calls but you need a flexible phone system because a sales team can’t be tied to a desk.
A VoIP Phone system means that if the salesperson is working from home, they can log in (using a softphone on their PC/laptop or using a handset) and receive inbound sales calls or do outbound calling; all they need to do is have access to the internet.

There are some great little features which are ideal for sales teams, such as diverting; but one of the best features is its ability to send voicemail recordings via email or even, transcribe them and send them via email/ text which is ideal for a constantly moving Sales Executives.

Likewise, if there is a VoIP phone system in place and the salesperson is on the road, they can utilise an app on their phone to make/receive calls but showing the office number rather than their mobile number. It also means it will be recorded in the call reporting software. Most phone systems have this feature as standard but do check before purchasing.

Mobiles – A business mobile for each salesperson who is out on the road is a necessity in this day and age.

The VoIP phone system app can be installed on this mobile which as mentioned above, you can make/receive calls on the office number.

If you aren’t going to supply a dongle, mobile is a great way to enable your sales person to utilise the internet by tethering their phone to their laptop/tablet.

Another thing that isn’t available to all telecoms companies is a product we call BTT Mobile (read more here.) Traditionally, you would have one network like 3 or o2, BTT mobile utilises multiple networks to give you the best network coverage so even in a remote location you can still use your phone – ideal for travelling sales teams.

Tablet – This option may not appeal to every sales team but it can be particularly useful if you have a collaboration tool within your business which enables you to fill out order forms, send contracts and check stock levels without having to call/ go back to the office. It means a lot more deals can be secured there and then without having to lug around a hefty laptop.

Conference Call – You may have a team on the road but you always have a weekly sales meeting so a good feature to have is the ability to conduct conference calls so that wherever your team are; they can call in and take part in the sales meeting. All they would need is their login codes, which you as a business can generate so that you have secure conference call meetings.

Call reporting – This element is closely linked to the phone system you choose but let’s say you choose a VoIP phone system; you can get this feature as standard. For those Sales Managers, it’s a great way to assign KPI’s, especially if your salespeople are in charge of getting their own leads which may mean cold calling.

Call recording – Have you ever had a customer come back to you a few months down the line and said, “I didn’t say that / agree to that”? Out comes the faithful call recording to prove it.
Also, let’s not forget that as well as covering your back, it’s a great tool for quality control to identify further training needs – perhaps someone isn’t closing on the phone or aren’t overcoming the objections effectively.

Unified Communications (UC) – Essentially, Unified communications is about bringing together different technologies to run in sync across multiple communication channels.

For example, let’s imagine your Sales Executive in a sales meeting. They arrange for their phone to be diverted (using the VoIP system) through to the main sales line which is, of course, answered. It’s a prospect who would like to book an appointment. Rather than arranging for someone to call them back, the team member looks at the sales diary, books it in the diary, update the CRM all of which syncs across multiple devices.

Not only that but the person who booked the appointment can also send an internal IM to notify them rather than emailing.

It is about making all business operations run smoothly and effectively, perfect for sales teams but whole businesses, too.

Would you like to see how we can help your sales team run effectively?