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You'll no longer be able to purchase any additional ISDN phone lines by September 2023 (no longer the previous deadline of 2020) and then, they will be switched off in December 2025. Even though it seems like a long time away, it makes good sense to look at your options.

Hybrid is one such option as it utilises your existing infrastructure, reducing your investment costs.

What is a Hybrid Phone System?

A Hybrid Phone System combines the different types of connection technology (ISDN, Analogue, Digital and IP) into a single modern and flexible phone system.

Most businesses opt for a Hybrid Phone System when they have ISDN, Analogue or Digital infrastructure but want the advantages that IP brings to the table.

Benefits of a Hybrid Phone System

  • Can connect Analogue, Digital and IP extensions.

  • Can connect Analogue, ISDN and SIP lines.

  • Easy migration to an IP service without huge changes to your existing infrastructure and hardware.

  • Benefit from the cost-saving of VoIP technology without needing to invest in an IP infrastructure and protecting your original infrastructure investment.

  • You have your own in-house communications service which you can distribute as you see fit. For example, your PBX would be hosted at Head Office and you can offer a cloud service to your other offices or remote workers; but only to your own staff.

  • Go Cloud and Save by deciding what features to stay on-premise, or offered hosted in the cloud to other locations.

  • Stay on top of Security by maintaining control over your network.

Limitations of a Hybrid Phone System

  • Unlike an IP Phone System, it cannot be put onto an industry standard server or be cloud-based; it needs its own dedicated PBX box

  • The PBX box needs to be on-premise which means you will need a secure environment for it to be located.

  • Cost because the initial capital outlay for the hardware can be significant, although it can be spread with a finance or leasing option.

Is a Hybrid Phone system suitable for my business?

If you already have existing infrastructure in place like ISDN, analogue or digital phone lines, then it makes sense to protect that investment. That applies to all sizes of businesses who have existing infrastructure; small, medium or large-sized businesses.

Of course, it’s not your only option.

Learn about your Five Alternative Options to ISDN.

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A Hybrid phone system is just one option available to you, we'd be delighted to talk you through your options which would be best for your business and its needs.

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