ISDN Phase out: Your Five Alternative options

You can purchase additional ISDN Phone lines until September 2023 before you are forced to migrate away between April and December 2025.

It seems like a long way off but you need the best technology available for your business.

Option 1 - SIP Trunks (SIP Lines)

SIP and SIP trunks is an on-premise or hosted solution for a telephone system that uses  virtual phone lines rather than physical wires.

Benefits of SIP

 * Save Money on call costs and line rental

 * Flexibility & scalability with phone numbers as you are can reduce the number of PBX’s you need to maintain 

 * High Quality Network

 * Business Continuity

Option 2 - Hybrid Phone System

A Hybrid Phone System combines the different types of connection technology (ISDN, Analogue, Digital and IP) into a single modern and flexible phone system.

Benefits of a Hybrid Phone System

* Easy & smooth migration 

* Cost-saving VoIP 

* Own in-house communications service which you can distribute as you see fit

* Go Cloud and Save by deciding what features to stay on-premise

* Maintain control over the network & maintain security

Limitations of a Hybrid Phone System

It needs its own dedicated PBX; it cannot be put onto an industry standard server or cloud-based.

The PBX box needs to be on-premise in a secure environment.

Initial capital outlay for the hardware can be significant, but can be spread with a finance or leasing.

Option 3 - Hosted Phone System

Hosted Phone systems are cloud-based, so you use an internet connection (IP technology) to connect to it but effectively you are renting the system rather than purchasing your own dedicated system that you need to host.

Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

* Flexibility and Scalability

* Phone System Management in your hands

* Business continuity 

* Minimal start-up costs

* Speedy installation and automatic upgrades

Limitations of a Hosted Phone System

You need to ensure that you have a reliable internet connection otherwise it will vastly affect the voice quality.

Option 4 - IP Phone System

IP Phone Systems use IP technology like a Hosted Phone System except, you own the phone system which means you have to choose where you host it. 

It is a great solution for those who want more control over their phone system.

Benefits of an IP Phone System

*You own the system & choose where to host

*Flexibility and scalability

*Phone System Management

* Business Continuity

*No long term contracts

Negatives of an IP Phone System

* Up-fronts costs but it can be financed or leased

* Responsibility of hosting and maintenance is yours

* You need reliable internet connection

* Any upgrades are at your expense

Option 5 – Keep your existing ISDN Lines

It is a riskier option but it is still an option.

You could purchase additional lines that you may need for the next few years.

If you're struggling with budget, it would certainly buy you the time you needed.

You have options, so what will you choose and when will you do it?

Need help working out the best option for your business?

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