ISDN Migration Checklist: ISDN to SIP

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The ISDN Switch-off is fast approaching and it is time to put a plan in place. We have created a step-by-step migration checklist for you.

1. What technology will it be?

For the benefit of this blog, we are going to assume that you have chosen SIP from one of your five alternative options (view our Five Alternative Options to ISDN blog.)

2. All at once or in phases?

This depends on your business. Do you have more than one site? Or even several floors of an office building? SIP can work alongside ISDN so the switch can be done in phases.

Obviously, this is reliant on enough time been given before the actual switch off of ISDN.

3. Audit the current system

This is a large chunk of the process because the supplier and installer (hopefully us) will need to work out several factors such as:

  • How many sites do you have?
  • How many SIP lines do you need?
  • Do you have the right amount of available bandwidth? Remember, bandwidth is essential for any technology that uses an internet connection.
  • Are your current handsets compatible with SIP?
  • How many phone numbers need porting?

4. Installation

There is less infrastructure than ISDN but there is still set-up to be done, even down to reconfiguring the phones (physical handset and softphones) and porting the phone numbers over.

5. Testing and checking

The main part of any new installation is good testing to ensure it all runs smoothly and doesn’t hinder any business operations.

6. Securing the system

SIP comes with built-in resilience and business continuity features but you need to ensure that it all fits within your DR plan and works.

7. Go LIVE!

Time to turn the new system on. As long as the other steps have been followed, it should all go smoothly.

Help with Migration

From planning, auditing, installing, testing to go live we can help. We have migrated hundreds of businesses across from ISDN to Hosted phone systems, SIP lines or Hybrid phone systems.

Use our experience, get in touch.

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