How to use Call Recording to improve Customer Experience

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Are you looking at ways to improve your customer service? Perhaps you have had a few too many complaints recently and want to know why?

Call recording can provide valuable insight into your customer service and even, your overall offering.

Rather than coming “as standard” on phone systems, call recording tends to be available as an add-on. Call recording can be added to most phone systems and you aren’t limited to ones supplied by your phone system. For instance, if you have a Horizon phone system, you don’t have to have Horizon call recording. It’s important that if you do video calls, too, that you have call recording set-up for those calls, too.

Some call recording solutions even give you the ability to not only hear the call but also what your agent is doing whilst the call takes place so you can see how your systems play a part as well as the efficiency of your agent.

From answering a call, dealing with the call and it coming to conclusion, the experience should be smooth for the customer and agent.

Call recording will help you identify any room for improvement.

Assess Individual Agents for Improvement

Everyone can improve. Call recording can help you identify any individual training issues and decide on a way forward; tailor make coaching / training. You can even let them assess themselves by giving them access to their own recordings. (You can set it up so that they can’t be deleted.)

Assess and Resolve Complaints Quicker

Rather than a “he said, she said,” situation, you’ll have the ability to listen to the full conversation, analyse who (if anyone) was at fault and be able to export it to the customer if they require evidence of your decision.

Call recording can save you money in this instance, too, especially if a customer is claiming you said you would do something e.g. give them a refund.

It can also deescalate a situation if it becomes heated by backing away and saying you’ll investigate and retrieve the call recordings.

Capture Missed Details

It can happen to anyone; you can be actively listening to the customer and you realised after the call that you didn’t note down something – perhaps you are an insurance company and they rang to claim and it was to do with the car registration of the car who collided with them. You need that information. Call recording can be hugely beneficial in this case and since it is really easy to retrieve recordings, you then can save face by not having to call back the customer to announce your error.


Coaching tends to be more 1 on 1 rather than training as a team. It can be great for team members who shy away from hands-on training activities like role playing.

If you are coaching then you can use call recordings where you dissect them together (especially calls that the person you are coaching has done.) It enables you to be a bit more sensitive and handle feedback together, too. You can identify any areas for improvement together and perhaps difficult calls, discuss how they went and if there was anything better that could have been done which lends confidence to the person receiving your coaching.

Customer Insight and Satisfaction

Your staff are handling calls day-to-day with the very people who buy from you. We’d hope that you want more of them, which means their opinions and thought processes are a goldmine for your business.

By listening to calls you’ll be able ascertain more about the type of customers you have, their pain points and be able to note any suggestions / comments they have on improving your service or products or perhaps help you identify if there is a gap in the market for you.

With this information, you’ll be able to provide a better service but also be able to target more like them because of your unique understanding of what their pain points are and how to solve them.

Quality Control

Quality control is where you use the call recordings to spot check calls and how they are conducted. Some managers focus on a few employees and pick a few calls at random, some pick a few from every team member. Either approach will give you a good idea if there are any pressing issues.

Not only that, but by listening to call recordings from across the team, you’ll be able to identify if there is consistently one element that everyone is missing / struggling and identify a topic for training.

Reward Staff

Call recordings can identify some stars in your midst that you have been taking for granted or not realised the extent of their consistency in their approaches. Not only should they be acknowledged and rewarded but you may under utilising them. If they are shining examples, they could help you train or mentor others.

Also, everyone deserves to feel valued, and if you identify someone who is consistently delivering great service, they deserve to be rewarded and it means they are more likely to stay where they feel valued.


Real-life call recordings can be great for training rather than role playing ones. You can take example of good calls and bad calls and use it so that your team dissect the good/bad and how to improve on calls.

It is also a great way of showcasing the importance of tone of voice in calls which can be difficult to get across without a real example.

Update Processes / Procedures

By analysing call recordings, you may identify areas where time can be saved or identify a system that is causing time to be wasted. Perhaps you find a common theme; customers complaining about the call menu having too many options. Once you identify it, you can go about seeing how to fix it, either by changing the process or tweaking the system.

The more proactive you are, the fewer complaints you’ll have from staff and customers and your business will be more productive with a better customer service reputation.

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