How many Phone Calls are you missing?

Around 85% of missed calls, simply don't call back...

....and 80% of business communications take place over the phone.... it's pretty important to answer the phone!

But exactly how many phone calls are you missing?

Simply check the following using the phone call reporting function:

1. The number of missed calls in one week, and one month

2. The number of voicemails left

3. The peak times of the missed calls

4. The number of engaged calls

Then use this formula:

Average number of missed calls per week 


Average sale value


Value of missed opportunities 

This could add up to roughly 16 missed calls...

...multiply this by £250

= £4,000!


So what can you do about it?

Add more resources in at peak times

Set KPIs for number of rings before answering 

Consider leaving a current, and motivational voicemail message

Review reports regularly

Do you need Call Analytics?

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Even if your missed calls are not from your sales department, it will still have an indirect impact on sales, including:

Bad reputation with your customers

Leads that don't convert

Decrease of customer lifetime value

Negative word-of-mouth advertising

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