How “mobile” is your business?

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For some businesses, technology has led to new ways of working and opened them up to some wider markets. With that in mind, it’s imperative that businesses remain connected and can operate from more than one fixed location. Business Mobility allows you to do this.

What is Business Mobility?

It’s a technology that allows people to use business resources without being in a fixed location. It has become more than just having access to emails, it’s about staying connected and being able to communicate, seamlessly.

Some good examples of business mobility in action would be if you were visiting a client and able to:

  • Download product/service information
  • Provide a quote
  • Check stock levels
  • Add them as a client
  • Sign and email contracts
  • Take payment
  • Add your notes from the meeting
  • Set tasks e.g. if they have agreed to a project, assigning a project manager

All without being at your desk. It would even be possible to do all of this without a laptop and just with a tablet or even a mobile phone.

BTT is mobile

Our two Directors, Rob and Shiv are always on the road, meeting customers, providing quotes and managing projects as well as running the physical business.

They each have a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and a watch with them.

Their mobile phone connects their emails, text messages and notifications which in turn notifies them via their watches. On the mobile phone, they also have access to various apps they need to diagnose problems, access product information, check client information, add new clients and send contracts very easily. Likewise, they can do the same from their tablet and laptop, except this doesn’t connect to their watch.

Additionally, they have business broadband dongles as well as enough data on their mobiles to ensure they are always connected.

BTT is well and truly a mobile business which means we hold a distinct advantage over our competitors because we are able to discuss products and solutions, check our project schedules, add as a client and send them a quote/contract. Then, quickly inform the team of an update.

All before leaving that potential client’s premises.

So, how mobile is your business?

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Improve the Mobility of your Business

How mobile is your business? Do you have the technology in place which lets you team remain connected, collaborate and communicate, easily and seamlessly?

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