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Most businesses experience increases in costs every day, many of which aren’t within their control. Unfortunately, we live in an expensive world and costs will keep increasing but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore reducing costs where possible.

Energy is one such area you can save money by switching your supplier, now. Even if you are in contract, you can secure today’s prices, ready for your contract ending.


Well, we have launched a BTT Energy arm to our business where we can secure the best possible energy rates for our clients. Better yet, if you are in contract, the rates are secured ready for when your existing contract finishes.

All we need to search for the best deal for you is a:

  • Recent gas and electricity bills from your current suppliers.
  • A Signed letter of authority on your company’s headed paper, which we can send to you as a PDF or Word document to print and fill out.

Surely, I could just find the deal myself!

Of course, there are plenty of deals out there but we have access to those that aren’t in the public domain.

It can also be time-consuming and it’s easy to miss great deals, meaning you’re left paying more for your energy than you need to, with no way out of the contract.

How much could you save me?

Typically, we save our customers between 10-20%, although in some cases we have cut up to 50% off their current bill.

I am more concerned about reducing our emissions…

How about reducing your emissions and saving money?

We will always offer you certified renewable energy at absolutely no extra cost. Being green is in!

Is the Energy supplier reputable?

Definitely! We have a catalogue of major energy suppliers currently contracted with us, including British Gas, Npower, EON, Engie and Opus to name but a few.

What about Smart Meters?

When you make the switch to BTT Energy, we can install a Smart Meter which will remove any uncertainty with readings and therefore bills.

Automatic readings will be taken every day, so you’ll only be charged for what you use. If you are keen to reduce your energy consumption, the Smart Meter will also show you how much you are using and what it is costing you.

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