Enterprise Mobility: The Future of Business

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We have seen a huge increase in the benefits that employers are now offering their employees, but how do these benefits improve the business? What if we told you, that you could increase employee happiness by 100%?* Happy employees = a more productive workforce meaning they will get more done; which in turn is likely to equal more money for the company.

Introducing, Enterprise Mobility

If you have had a browse of our website, you may have come across the page Business Mobility. Both business and enterprise mobility are umbrella terms for the shift we have seen in working habits, namely, more employees working out of the office, whether whilst travelling or by working from home.

Forbes reported that employee mobility leads to 30% better processes and 23% more productivity – plus the holy grail, a 100% increase in employee happiness!

By offering flexible working, employees have more control over their schedules, it can cut down on time spent commuting and if your employees are on the road they can remain connected to the office.

I don’t have a mobile workforce?

Whilst this would be the obvious use for enterprise mobility, it isn’t just about supporting a mobile workforce with the use of smartphones and tablets; it also refers to the mobility of data. Even though you may not have employees who are constantly on the road, it is likely you have client meetings to attend or a colleague who may need to work from home one day.

By adopting cloud-based technologies such as the file-sharing app Dropbox, an employee can access their files from wherever they are, whether in a client’s office or in another country altogether!

It all sounds rather complicated and expensive…

In theory, enterprise mobility sounds wonderful, but not every company will have the need for an all singing, all dancing package. BTT can help you find the right fit for you, whether a little or a lot, we will never provide you with anything you don’t need.

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