Best Security Solutions for Leisure and Fitness Centres

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Leisure centres in the fitness industry require advanced security solutions and systems, with a heavy focus on access control. The facility needs to manage memberships and employee access at all times, especially the 24-hour gym centres with skeleton staff, which are prevalent now all over the place!

This article addresses the key security solutions for fitness and leisure centres, and where is best to place them.

Access Control for Leisure Centres

Sophisticated access points such as turnstiles, are common within leisure centres. These facilitate unrestricted access for leisure centre members, and restrict access for non-members.

These access points integrate with keypad entry systems, biometric access control to take security to the next level, mobile phones or membership cards to gain access to gyms and leisure centres through portals and turnstiles. Systems can be enhanced with locker access control and CCTV, ensuring the safety and security of members' possessions, and staff members.

CCTV for Leisure Centres

Offering peace of mind to members and staff, CCTV security footage provides business protection, too. For example, if a member attempts to misconstrue an event such as a fall, at your leisure centre that did not take place, CCTV security footage can cover your back.

CCTV surveillance is an integrated health, safety and access control solution for leisure centres and gyms, made all the more important with the 24 hour fitness centre operations, where there are less (and in some cases, no) staff present.

Key features for CCTV in leisure centres include:

  • Panoramic view (no blind spots)

  • Tamper detection (protection from vandalism)

  • ANPR

  • Weather protection

  • Night vision

  • Intruder detection

  • Auto-tracking

  • Infra-red

CCTV Analytics for Leisure Centres

With a good IP CCTV System, you should be able to have good analytics where you are able to access your footage and identify, quickly the area(s) of concern.

With IP CCTV systems we install, you can log on to the analytics, identify specific areas within the camera frame (it’s called smart search), which will then show you when an event has happened within that selected area, using a timeline, which means you can jump easily to each event to find the one you need. For example, a situation where a member's bag has been stolen in the leisure centre - monitoring smart search can pinpoint incidents such as this.

Control Car Park Areas for Leisure Centres

Leisure centre car parks often need to be controlled with entry systems, enabling the leisure centre facility to be able to monetise car park space if necessary, whilst allowing members to park by installing security barriers.

CCTV placed in leisure centre car parks monitor the duration of stays in the centre, with the ability to distribute automatic penalty tickets when streamlining this process with ANPR and drop arm barriers.

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