Five Essential Technologies for Small Businesses 

Technology is an important component for all businesses as it can enhance your operations – but only with the right technologies in place!

Let's highlight 5 technology considerations for small businesses....

1. Phone System

✩ A Hosted VoIP phone system is basically a landline merged with a phone system

✩ It can be picked up and moved to wherever you may be, as long as you have internet access.

✩ With a good VoIP phone system, you should be able to utilise your landline number using your mobile.

2. Broadband

Broadband impacts all areas of your business; sending emails, answering your phone, downloading and uploading documents. It needs to be fit for purpose. 

3. Business Mobile

A great mobile benefits small businesses massively - even better if your mobile is compatible with your hosted phone system

4. CRM

A CRM system is essential to keep everything centralised even if you are a one-man band.

It means that you will only have to look at the one system to view your sales, marketing, accounts and project progress.

5. Back-Ups

A lot of Disaster Recovery plans will be based around your back-ups -   

✩ How often are your documents backed up?

✩  Are they backed up to more than one location? 

✩ How quickly can you gain access, and be operational?

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