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What do customers really want when they are interacting with a company? Pop yourself in their shoes and you will find this question easy to answer. The key things that come to mind are:

  • Speedy response times to any communication
  • Not be left waiting or their time wasted
  • The right information
  • Good communication between departments so they don’t have to keep explaining themselves.

The essence is that as customers we want to be heard, valued and dealt with quickly.

How can technology help you to improve your customer service?


So much more than the latest buzzword, chatbots are fast becoming integrated into the customer service journey.

Imagine you are testing a new tool online, struggling to find the bit that you need, and there is a little icon that looks like a chat button. You press it and start a conversation with a tech specialist. Do you think it’s a real person? Sometimes it is but often, it’s a chatbot.

A chatbot operates on a set of parameters whilst using their Artifical Intelligence (AI) to interpret what you are saying, what you mean or want, to respond in a “human” way.

This means the user gets their answer quickly and it doesn’t waste any “man-hours.”

Phone systems

The best example we can give is where we install a telephone system where an analogue line has been in previously. With an analogue line, if you miss the call, often you don’t know if you have missed it. With a good telephone system in place, you can set up your phones so that you never miss a call because there is always a flow to follow for calls to be answered, across multiple lines if needed.

You can:

  • Put a limit on rings to an extension before it diverts to another (and select which one it goes to.)
  • Tailor out-of-office messages for instance dentists and doctors tend to close for lunch at the same time every day.
  • Have users put themselves in “do not disturb” when they are busy, so the call gets directed to another user.
  • Put options on the phone that a customer can press to get to the right department.

One of the best things is the ability to produce reports on call statistics so you can see what times you are the busiest and need the most resource so that you reduce call waiting times.

With a good phone system, not only can you ensure every call is answered but you can stop your customer from wasting their time going through to multiple people to get the answer they need.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications means that all parts of the business communicate seamlessly and across various technologies.

Let’s say a phone call comes through to a customer service agent but they don’t have the answer, they could use an internal chat facility to speak to someone who would know the answer to either get the answer or see if they are available to answer the call. They don’t even need to be on site. Then notes can be placed on one system from each company representative so that they have a clear record of the multiple conversations.

Unified communications enable this seamless good communication between departments which again, means the client is dealt with quickly, efficiently and they get the answer they need.

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