The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Businesses

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You can’t really swing a cat around the Tech industry without hearing about Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days even though it has been around for quite some time…but what impact have we noticed?

What is AI?

AI is Artificial Intelligence; a system which demonstrates some intelligent behaviours such as learning, planning, knowledge and problem-solving.
Artificial Intelligence is all about making things easier, some prime examples are Amazon echo, Siri and Cortana and similar devices. They interact with you by you speaking with it. It responds, giving you human response and carrying out your requests.

There are some standard examples that people forget are AI which has been around for years such as spam filters, out-of-office replies and product recommendations, plus many more, however, businesses are utilising AI in a more effective way for bigger processes.

For instance, quite a few of our clients within the retail sector and particularly our clients who have call centres; are keen to adopt the live chat facility with a chatbot integrated.

It means that when there is an issue, someone can go to their website, open up the chat facility and engage (unknowingly) with a chatbot. The chatbot would have some pre-determined answers but would answer in a “human” way, if they couldn’t answer it or they ran out of pre-determined answers, it would direct it (seamlessly) to the right person in the right department (this is programmed in before it goes live.)

In call centres, this is particularly useful because usually with a high volume of calls it is difficult to speak with everyone quickly so the phone system could direct them to the site or whilst the customer service consultant is speaking on the phone, they could be typing a response to a live chat question, too.

How else can it be applied in the business world?

There are multiple uses of AI; particularly in customer service but even with the likes of your business security.

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