Your Business Wi-Fi Speed Checklist

Slow Wi-Fi speeds can cause great frustrations in the workplace

However, there are 6 things you can check to see if your business Wi-Fi strength can be improved

1. Where are your Wi-Fi access points located?

In your office, you may be blocking the signal with brick walls or metal furniture 

2. What channel are you using?

Wi-Fi is a little like a radio frequency. You can choose a channel to receive on, but your neighbouring businesses may be on the same channel, which could impact your Wi-Fi speed

3. What do you use Wi-Fi for?

What does your business need Wi-Fi for? Live streaming? Video conferencing? 

These activities take up a lot of your bandwidth so you may want to look at increasing it.

4. Slow Internet, Slow Wi-Fi

If your internet connection is slow, then your Wi-Fi is also likely to experience slow speeds.

5. Too many users?

How many people and devices are using your Wi-Fi? 

You may have too many people/devices accessing it - an upgrade to accommodate may be in order. 

6. External users?

Do you open up your Wi-Fi to visitors? 

It may be time to look at a public and a private network, to reduce the impact on the day-to-day activities.

What's the impact to your business?

Or, can your business operate offline? 

If it can’t, then slow Wi-Fi speeds are just as damaging because you need to be effective to be profitable.It might be an idea to think about what Wi-Fi slowness costs you as a business. 

Even one day of downtime due to poor access can have a huge impact on a business.

Would you like some advice on the best set-up for your business's Wi-Fi?

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