CCTV Rules for Business

The most common reason business CCTV is implemented is security surveillance

But another key application is using CCTV to adhere to health and safety regulations

Why does your business need CCTV?

Key reasons to implement CCTV in the workplace:

To keep employees safe by monitoring for violence or theft

To prevent stealing, deliberate damage or other misconduct

To ensure and record that health and safety procedures are being followed

To monitor and improve productivity

Great. But CCTV comes with rules

1. Put up a clearly visible & readable sign to let people know CCTV is being used and why

2. Be able to provide images within 40 days to anyone you’ve recorded

3. Share images with the authorities, e.g. the police, if they ask for them

4. Keep images only as long as your business needs them

What about "Secret Recording?"

Before you go down this road, it is strongly recommended you consult an employment law solicitor first!

If you are not sure about: 

How many CCTV cameras you will need

Whether to choose covert or overt business CCTV monitoring

How to assess your business security risks

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