7 Ways to use Technology to Improve Customer Service

What is great customer service? 

Fast response to communications

Not left waiting

Being given the correct information

Technology plays an important part in customer service by enhancing and speeding up communications between you and your customers.

Let's look at the 7 ways to improve your customer service


Phone Systems

With the right phone system in place integrating IP technology gives you access to special features, so you never miss a call. 



A good phone system operates using IP technology which is essentially using the internet. Your broadband can determine the quality of the call that comes through, or if it even drops off altogether. 


Unified Communications

Unified Communications means that all parts of the business communicate seamlessly and across various technologies, which means the client is dealt with quickly, efficiently and they get the answer they need.


Live Chat / Instant Messaging

Methods of live chat can help improve your customer service by being “available.” 

A live chat facility on a website, where a message can be answered by anyone with your business



An app can be added to business mobiles which allows it to operate as your desk phone, and when used with a UC tool, your team can respond on-the-go, put appointments in calendars, set statuses, and share documents



A Chatbot uses AI to interpret what you are saying, what you mean or want, to respond in a “human” way, with no wasted "man-hours".


Video Conferencing

An IP TV is required for larger meetings, as well as an appropriate conference call phone. 

On a smaller scale, you could use your Unified communications tool - as most have a video conference call feature built in.

Improve your Customer Service

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