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The security of your golf club can be a tough balance of the right amount of security whilst not impeding the ambiance of a comforting, relaxing, natural and welcoming atmosphere. Your members pay to come to your club to be kept safe and play golf in a relaxing environment but they don’t want to feel like they are being watched, hence with golf clubs a more covert, natural security approach should be adopted.

It is quite common for golf clubs to experience trespassers and it can be difficult to monitor such a large area, hence the need for strategically placed security measures.

It can seem like a logistical nightmare but we have experience in installing security solutions into golf clubs across the country.

Best Security Solutions for your Golf Club

Perimeter - Golfers generally like the feeling of being in open spaces and not feel restricted, so you need to give that some thought whilst protecting your perimeter.

Security Barriers – We recommend adding a drop-arm barrier to the car park which can be raised manually and automatically if you have it integrated with your CCTV to recognise incoming vehicles.

Access control - It’s beneficial to have your staff areas closed off to members with access passes that staff can use and also identifies them as staff. (You can get pictures, names, and job roles printed on them.) You can program the access pass technology so that access rights to areas are suited to individuals or by role.

CCTV - Your CCTV cameras should be strategically placed to ensure there are no blind spots, pay special attention to all entrances/exits as well as any outside storage units. We recommend Dome cameras for around the club because they tend to blend well with the natural environment making them ideal for more covert viewing. They can rotate 360-degrees so they cover quite a large area. Dome Cameras are also known to be “Vandal-proof,” because of their durable casing.

There are a range of CCTV camera features that are useful. One of which is motion detection so that the cameras activate when movement is detected, then the alarm is raised. More advanced motion detectors can identify the difference between an intruder and an animal. We would also recommend the ANPR feature which you can apply to a (bullet) camera dedicated to the drop arm security barrier entrance. It will actively record all vehicles entering and leaving by their car registrations.

Your CCTV system should be IP as it converts video footage and images into data, which is then saved to local hard drive in DVR or NVR held within the office or to another location of your choosing. It enables quicker retrieval of CCTV footage when you need it most. The IP CCTV systems we install come with the following;

  • Mobile app – All of the IP CCTV systems we install have a mobile app in which you are able to view, live what is occurring at your golf club as well as using the playback feature.
  • Receive Alerts – Get real-time notifications on certain events that you have specified you want to know about. E.g. if you opt to be notified when movement appears on a certain camera(s)
  • Live streaming - see all the important activity at the golf club, even when you’re on the go.
  • Smart Search – You are able to open a camera, “draw a line” around a certain area within the frame and watch the activity for that specific area. It enables quick searching for any incidents; health and safety issues, break-ins or criminal damage. For instance, if you have a break-in and you identify the entry point, you can then select the area on the camera where the door/window is, select a time-frame and it will highlight ‘events’ which will show you when that entry point was accessed. It takes roughly 15 minutes.
  • Easy cloud-based recording - Secure, 24/7 cloud recording eliminates the need for additional hardware and enables access to live and recorded video clips.

Key Features of CCTV Systems

  • Panoramic view (no blind spots)
  • Tamper detection
  • Weather protection
  • Night-vision
  • Thermal imaging
  • Intrusion detection
  • Auto-tracking
  • Infra-red
  • Line crossing (if someone intrudes on a boundary such as a fence)
  • Unattended baggage detection
  • Object removal detection
  • People counting
  • ANPR vehicle recognition
  • Facial detection
  • Self-learning video analytics

Additional important features:

Intruder Alarms – You’ll need an intruder alarm set up to monitor all buildings that hold valuable equipment.

GPS Tracking - Large golf courses will have a selection of golf carts to hire and therefore, you need to be able to track them to ensure they aren’t stolen or for safety reasons. We recommend GPS trackers.

Security Services for Golf Clubs

We have experience in installing security solutions into golf clubs of all different sizes, we have three services available that will suit any General Managers, Facilities Managers or Security Managers in charge of the security of your golf club.

Free Site Audit

We can come to your site (for free, and with no obligation) to give you advice on the best type of security set up for your golf club. We would need to come to site because we could tell you how many cameras and placement to ensure you get the best coverage and to see if there may be any factors to consider before advising you on the best CCTV system for your business.

The majority of our customers are based within a 3-hour drive of Northamptonshire so we can easily accommodate your business for a free site audit, so please get in touch to book in.

Security Installation - We can design, supply and install your security solution then our engineers will train your staff on how to use the new security system and ensure it is set up the way you need it. We have been installing security solution into businesses for over 10 years. All of our security engineers are qualified, trained and their work quality is checked on every job.

CCTV Maintenance and Servicing - To keep your CCTV system working at optimum capacity, we recommend maintenance and servicing. As part of our maintenance, we visit twice a year to check power supplies, cameras and camera voltage, adjust the camera focus if needed and clean DVR/NVR, time/date and playback.

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Book a FREE Security Audit for your Golf Club

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