Best Security Solutions for Holiday Parks

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Security solutions in holiday parks have a requirement to be almost invisible until needed, to allow holiday park guests to make special memories, whilst feeling safe.

This article addresses the key security solutions for holiday parks, and where is best to place them.


CCTV is where we will begin.

Types of CCTV Cameras

Most holiday parks benefit from a multitude of different types of CCTV cameras:

Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras can eliminate blind spots with their 180-degree and 360-degree surround view (with the right placement.) Particularly beneficial for holiday parks when used internally.

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras can rotate 360-degrees, so they cover a larger area than most of their counterparts, and tend to be best for internal environments such as the club house on the holiday park.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are best utilised near the entrance to the holiday park and/or car parks. It’s generally used in conjunction with an ANPR feature which allows the reading of the car’s registration. It allows security to keep a record of all authorised guests.

Special CCTV features for holiday parks include:

  • Panoramic view (no blind spots)

  • Tamper detection (protection from vandalism)

  • Weather protection

  • Night vision

  • Intruder detection

  • Auto-tracking

  • Infra-red

  • Object removal detection

  • Self-learning video analytics

  • ANPR

ANPR is extremely important when monitoring visitors coming onto the holiday park sites. ANPR recognition can be built in, so that those who own caravans or lodges can be allowed easy access if their car registration is registered in the system.

CCTV Recordings and Analytics

A decision will need to be made as to who is monitoring your holiday park, for instance, will you have on-site security guards, 24/7 or will you outsource this a security company. Either way, your CCTV system will need to be set-up (and be compatible with the software) for the right analytics and notifications.

Most of our CCTV systems come with a mobile app as standard. This is particularly useful as your guards are walking around the site, they can still access the rest of the security system.

You need good analytics and notifications set up so you can analyse your security footage. One of the things you’ll be able to see is how many visitors you have to your holiday park site.

Reviewing your Security Measures on your Holiday Park?

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Intruder Alarms and Fire Alarms

Intruder alarms are commonly used to deter crime, detect offenders and delay their actions. Intruder alarms and CCTV work together as an effective security system.

For intruder alarms, we recommend a Dialler Intruder Alarm or a Smart Intruder Alarm. When the alarm is triggered, it will automatically call a pre-specified phone number or if you choose the Smart Intruder Alarm it will contact you via an app.

Addressable fire alarms are used in clubhouses and reception areas in holiday parks.

Smart intruder alarms can trigger a call to the security team either on site or outsourced.

Security Gates and Access Control 

In holiday parks, it is typical to use drop arm barriers. In member only areas, access passes or fobs through a turnstile can be used, as well as with staff areas - except they may have staff car park with pedestrian gates, and access pass/fob into the staff entrances.

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