Your Business Wi-Fi Speed Checklist

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Wi-Fi is such an important aspect of our everyday lives that we are likely to be frustrated very quickly at the lack of speed. Whilst, for our blood pressures sake we should perhaps learn to be a little calmer; if the technology should be doing it faster, why should we wait, right?

Not sure if this applies to you? Read more if you or your staff member do/experience any of the following:

  • Muttering and clicking the mouse incessantly in pure irritation
  • Growling when the browser takes more than 20 seconds to load
  • Inner anger at the whirly loading symbol
  • Increasing frustration at the little yellow triangle with the exclamation point in it

You may be experiencing slow Wi-Fi speeds. Good news, you can speed things up and go back to a better working environment.

Your Business Wi-Fi Checklist

There are 6 things that you can check to see if you can improve your Wi-Fi strength:

1. Where are your Wi-Fi access points located?

In your office, you may be blocking the signal with brick walls or metal furniture so it’s worth looking at where your access points are to see if you could improve your signal.

2. What channel are you using?

We know it’s not a TV but it is a little like a radio frequency. You can choose a channel to receive on but your neighbouring businesses may be on the same channel which could impact your own Wi-Fi speed.

3. What do you use Wi-Fi for?

What does your business need Wi-Fi for? Live streaming? Video conferencing? These types of activities tend to take up a lot of your bandwidth so you may want to look at increasing it.

4. Slow internet, Slow Wi-Fi

If your internet connection is slow then your Wi-Fi is also likely to experience slow speeds.

5. Too many users?

How many people are using your Wi-Fi? Better yet, how many devices are using your Wi-Fi? If your Wi-Fi is running slow, perhaps, you have too many people/devices accessing it. If that is the case, it may be time to look at upgrading to accommodate your users.

6. External users?

Do you open up your Wi-Fi to visitors? That’s great but did you consider that when you chose your Wi-Fi network? Also, if you are a retail or food outlet then the impact could be significant, so it may be time to look at a public and a private network, to reduce the impact on the day-to-day activities.

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What's the impact to the business?

I suppose the real question is this, can your business operate offline? If it can’t, then slow Wi-Fi speeds are just as damaging because you need to be effective to be profitable.

It might be an idea to think about what Wi-Fi slowness costs you as a business. Even one day of downtime due to poor access can have a huge impact on a business.

(We offer no guarantees that increasing rectifying your Wi-Fi speed will result in a wholly peaceful office but it certainly won’t be turbulent because of the Wi-Fi…)

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