The Difference Between Openreach and CityFibre


* Controls most of the UK's existing copper cable infrastructure

* Openreach is expected to have the largest single FTTP network for around 15 million premises by 2025.


* In some parts of the country CityFibre will be the only choice for FTTP.

* Alternative network (AltNet) provider and aims to have FTTP cover for 8 million premises by 2025.

* CityFibre’s currently cover 66 towns and cities

* We are a City Champion partner in Northampton.

Why Fibre Optic connection is important?

* Fibre broadband provides a much faster download.

* Upload speeds are much faster than a traditional asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) service.

* Speed is affected by the quality of your lines and distance from the exchange.

The two main types of fibre broadband service;

* FTTC - fibre links the telephone exchange to the roadside cabinet, with the copper cable connecting to your business.

* FTTP - fibre connects the exchange directly to your business's premises, without any copper lines, delivering a much faster internet speed.

The future of ultrafast broadband

* FTTP is expected to become the new 'standard' business broadband option.

* The focus is on installing an all-fibre service and removing copper cables all together.

* BTT believes that full fibre will help local businesses to thrive and unlock their digital potential. We are a City Champion partner with CityFibre in Northampton.

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