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A lot of staff in the UK travel for their job, for some it’s part of their job; for example, those who are in sales and travel to client meetings. Businesses like to encourage workers to stay connected which means that they will generally need access to the internet to do this. Below are some examples of how you can allow your staff to remain connected whilst travelling.

Travelling via car? Make your car a Mobile Hotspot

This is generally aimed at those who are car-sharing to business meetings since obviously for safety reasons the driver can’t “work.”

There are a couple of ways you can have internet in the car:

  • A special dongle which plugs into your 12V connector
  • “Tethering” – most mobile phones have this capability to “share” your internet but this is only advised for users who are doing “light” browsing rather than downloading files etc.
  • Purchase a car that has integrated internet and Wi-Fi

The main advantages of car Wi-Fi are that you can get a really fast connection and there is a wide range of data plans available.

The main disadvantages are that they tend to be more expensive than traditional dongles as they are only available through a select few networks.

Travelling via train?

Obviously, like above, you have the option for “tethering” your phone but this wouldn’t be as reliable.

A dongle is your best option. You just need to insert the SIM card supplied into your dongle, plug it into your laptop and set it up. Since broadband dongles have been around for quite some years you can get some quite competitive packages.

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