What types of Ethernet connectivity is available? 

Your Ethernet Options

Ethernet delivers data packets as the carrier, within a smaller network; across one or a few sites. 

Unlike Broadband, Ethernet was designed for businesses, not the residential market. It uses dedicated high-capacity fibre optic lines.

Ethernet services are high speed, dedicated, uncontended broadband services 

Uncontended service:

It is a dedicated internet connection and you don’t have to share bandwidth with others, increasing speed of service.

Synchronous Service:

This means you get the same upload and download speed, the bandwidth is higher weighted on the download compared to the upload.

Signs you need Ethernet

Signs you need Ethernet• The majority of your business applications are cloud-based.• You want to use SIP Trunks and/or a Hosted Phone System.• You have been experiencing internet downtime.• You have been slow download/uploads.• Your business has more than one site.• Your business in an area of poor connectivity such as a rural location.

.•You want to use SIP Trunks and/or a Hosted Phone System.

 •You have been experiencing internet downtime.

•You have been slow download/uploads.

• Your business has more than one site and located in a poor connectivity area

Ethernet Options

The main things to consider are Speed, Cost and Availability.


FTTP is a lot faster than FTTC.


FTTP is a similar price to FTTC, and is only more expensive if there needs to be new infrastructure installed.


You might not even be able to have the option of FTTP due to your location, however the roll out of FTTP is building.

Both options are viable for a business, but take advantage of FTTP if you can as it is more reliable and resilient.

In the not too distant future, FTTP will become the new “standard” business broadband option.

Therefore, if you were able to get FTTP, that is certainly the option we would recommend to you.

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