Audio Visual (AV) Technology in Hospitals

We have had quite a range of experience in working within healthcare environments, particularly hospitals, dental and doctor (GP) surgeries.

Progressive AV is still picking up steam in healthcare but it is worthwhile investment as you can really enhance the quality of training and presentations that you do in addition to enhancing the patient experience with important messages.

In hospitals we see the use of AV being of most benefit in lecture theatres, meeting rooms and well, throughout the hospital.

Audio Visual Solutions for Hospitals


Do you want to be able to showcase the same message across multiple screens? IPTV allows you to do this by updating from your computer and push it out to one screen or multiple screens.

In Hospitals and Surgeries, these are used throughout the sites to showcase key information such as booking a flu jab, cervical smears, opening hours and symptoms of the latest viral outbreak.

Additionally, IP TV’s allow the opportunity for the hospitals and surgeries to permit external advertising.

Wireless Presentation

Wireless Presentation applications allow you to share your presentations from any device for all compatible screens.

Some wireless presentation applications take it further by enabling you to use the application to display welcome screens with room scheduling, automate screens to turn on/off during working hours and schedule imagery and videos to play on loops.

This is ideal for hospitals, where you can use the wireless presentation application to manage your displays around the hospital. You can schedule each screen to show during department hours. For instance, on the maternity day unit you can choose to display information about baby care such as the importance of folic acid or show footage of the birthing centre.

Interactive Screens and Whiteboards

Interactive screens are great for team collaboration projects and presentations. Imagine being able to pull everyone around a screen, draw a new concept, tweaking it and saving it really easily.

You can even get interactive screens and whiteboards which aren’t fixed, meaning you can move them around the office to wherever you want to collaborate.

In Hospitals, GP and Dental Surgeries we have installed interactive screen so that people can check-in for appointments which in turn frees up receptionist for more complex queries. Interactive whiteboards in Hospitals have been used in training to visually demonstrate complex medical procedures.

Projectors and Projector Screens

You want a projector which is easy to turn on, set up, integrate with your device and show a great quality image.

You can get projectors and screen which can be moved or fixed to one location, which is ideal for those who use a certain area, regularly for presentations.

Should you opt for a fixed projector and screen; they can be hidden and motorised to release them when you need them, which enhances the space and cleaner feel to meeting rooms and auditoriums.

Hospitals have particular use for projectors and screens as they tend to have an auditorium in which to teach as well as meeting rooms for support staff for presentations.

Public Address (PA System) / Tannoy Systems

A Public Address system (PA system/ Tannoy) system allows communication across multiple departments / buildings at one time by using audio technology such as microphones, speakers and amplifiers.

In Healthcare, such as hospitals which tend to be quite large sites, it easy for people to get lost of likewise be occupied in another part of the site. A PA system allows you to quickly and effectively request their presence.

We have fitted several of these systems in hospitals and they tend to be located at each department reception desk as well as information points around the site.


Good quality speakers are essential when you want the audio to be heard, clearly. There are three main types of speakers; fixed bracket speakers, integrated ceiling speakers and freestanding speakers.

In Healthcare, hospitals and surgeries need to keep a calm atmosphere and tend to have ambient noise in the background. Likewise, in Hospitals, they tend to have auditoriums where they have training and presentations about the latest procedures or review patient cases.

Integrated Ceiling Speakers are ideal when you would like to create a pleasant ambience with background music. These are ideal in support offices rather than waiting areas because of noise levels.

Fixed Bracket Speakers are great when you are unable to use integrated ceiling speakers but still want a clear audio, however, they tend to be better placed in corners meaning you may audio quality gaps. These are ideal for hospital waiting areas.

Freestanding Speakers tend to be more advantageous in events when a venue’s room might need to be moved around because of the type of event or number of people in the room, therefore freestanding speakers are a better choice to ensure the audio is maximised based on the event itself. These are ideal for the auditoriums in hospitals.

Video Conferencing Phones

Sometimes, a conference call isn’t enough and you need to see the people you are speaking with, more so, when you are collaborating on a project together. Seeing someone’s face and body language reinforces and strengthens relationships which in turn, enhances collaboration success.

Video conference phones, allows for the visual and audio of a conference call meeting to take place.

Hospitals have specific use for video conference phones if they are consulting on cases, particularly with other hospitals.

AV Cabling

Most audio-visual needs cabling and as most know, not any cable will do. You need to have the right cable to ensure the AV solutions performs at its best. Also, you want to be confident that your audio-visual equipment will work but without seeing unsightly cabling. Only experienced cabling engineers can do this for you (like us!)

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