SIP Trunks - Providing Freedom from ISDN

Is SIP the best phone line option for your business?

SIP and SIP trunks is an on-premise or hosted solution for a telephone system that will use virtual phone lines rather than physical wires. 

SIP Trunking is fast becoming the best alternative to ISDN


✩ Cheaper on a per line basis

✩ Flexible

✩ Control over phone numbers

✩ Quick to install

What is SIP, exactly?

The set of rules that allows you to initiate and terminate a communication session, using an IP address. 

What about SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is is the service that allows you to put this protocol into use on a public network. 

Can SIP Lines Benefit your Business?

Yes - if you are in need of a solution offering powerful business continuity

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