Business Phone System: Is MiCloud a good choice?

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There are a lot of business phone systems out there, plenty to choose from but you may have heard about a phone system called MiCloud which is a business VoIP phone system designed by Mitel.

Is it a good system? Who would use it? Why this system over phone systems? Does it work for everyone?

We hope this helps you to make an informed decision about MiCloud.

Who would use this system?

It is aimed at the small to medium-sized companies.

Why would you use MiCloud over other business phone systems?

There are a lot of great phone systems out there but MiCloud is a cut above the rest. Mitel is one of the few that is versatile enough as your business grows it can easily grow with you.

That sounds good but what makes it so great?

The features of the system and the benefits it can add to your business:

Do you struggle to keep a handle on what the team are doing? Deadlines? Who said what? Who is responsible for what? Cover for holiday period?

MiCloud’s Team Collaboration is brilliant for this, it has;

  • Streams – workspaces that capture all project activity from start to finish, including chats, content, reviews, assigned action items, enabling new members to get caught up in a matter of minutes.

  • To-Do – assign and track action items to ensure team members understand what needs to be accomplished, who is responsible, and by what date it’s required

  • Meet– quickly create collaborative meetings on the fly, by choosing the participants, sending invitations, and launching the real-time meeting all from directly within a Stream.

Do you find it difficult to remember who is in? Do you have remote workers? Do you ever just want a quick response from them rather than calling or emailing?

MiCloud’s Unified Communications hits all the right spots;

  • Presence – this tells you if your contact is on the phone, away from their desk or available.

  • Softphone – use your landline on the go; a softphone means you don’t need to be tied to a specific desk to call out as you can use it on your mobile or desktop.

  • Integration with business applications – it integrates with other business applications, such as Outlook®, Lotus Notes,® IBM® Sametime, Google® and most CRM systems.

Researching Phone Systems?

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Do you need regular meetings but your staff are located all over the place? Do you host webinars?

MiCloud’s Audio, Web and Video Conferencing have some great audio conferencing and web capabilities with features including:

  • Scheduled / ad-hoc conferencing and webinars – there are a range of different options ranging from scheduled calls (one-time or recurring) to on-the-fly sessions

  • Desktop and application sharing – share desktops, presentations, software applications, graphics and data of every kind

  • Multi-point video conferencing – a personal experience with video using ordinary webcams

  • Public and private chat – instant message with the option of archiving session transcripts

  • Web-based collaboration – lets people participate in collaboration sessions from a web browser

  • File transfer – instantly transfer files to all or selected participants

  • Conference recording – record conference calls or collaboration sessions for future access or distribution

Sum it up for me

Mitel MiCloud’s system is amazing. It has so many great features but you need to decide whether you’d use the majority of those features in your business.

If you need a system that only does some of the features we may be able to provide you with details of an alternative.

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Once you decide to choose a phone system, the best next step is to demo different types of phone systems to see which one will suit your business.

We can offer a demo of Mitel MiCloud phone system but we also have two other hosted phone systems, Wildix and Horizon which also may be of interest. We can carry out a demo this via screen sharing technology or we can come to your business.

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