Best Phone System for Dental Practices

To be as efficient as possible, we know that you need to maximise your Dentist’s time and available appointment slots.

Something as simple as a phone system can make a dental practice run so efficiently that our clients have been able to effectively fulfil their UDA.

Which is the Best Phone System for Dental Practices?

Horizon (a Hosted Phone System) offers all the features to maximise efficiency, with minimal capital costs, and flexibility for growth.

Key features of Horizon:

Hold Music – choose your own hold music or even upload your promotional messages.

Call Monitoring and Reporting – essential to know if you need extra resources 

Instant Messaging and File Sharing – ideal for dentists to send messages to reception or send across x-rays.

Door Entry – connect to your entrance system so you can talk and/or permit them entrance.

Monitoring Barge - you can have someone listen in to a call, with or without the caller knowing. Ideal, if a colleague is new and still learning.

Ring Hunt Groups - if someone dials the main line for the practice, it'll ring on multiple phones - either all at once or on one phone after the other until it is answered.

Call Queues - arrange call queues so patients can wait until someone comes available.

Horizon is a brilliant alternative to having a whole new system fitted. It has a low monthly cost and it makes a big impact to a business.

Horizon Phone System

Increase your efficiency by using phone system features like paging, transfer and emergency summons rather than your staff physically having to go to practice rooms to gain attention.

The key benefits of a Horizon phone system for dental practices include:

Handling more patients, being more efficient, and no missed phone calls.

For expert phone system guidance, reach out to our team.